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What safety measures are taken by professional painters?

Painting the home is not an easy task, especially if it is a big one and involves both exterior and interior surfaces. Moreover, if you have plans to use different colors for the different rooms, then it is likely to involve a good amount of money, time, and labor. Without expertise, experience, knowledge, patience, or the tools, you cannot carry out the painting project by yourself. You will not get that kind of finish that is otherwise easily achieved by professional painters.

Safety precautions

Paints are dangerous things and hence, should be handle with great care. The best commercial painting company surrey having sufficient domain experience can we expect to maintain adequate safety measures during the work. This way, they minimize or avoid injuries and other issues or damaging the surroundings in any manner.

All paints irrespective of the brand or make are make from chemicals with varying consistency. In case anyone inhales the chemical fumes, then it might pose some serious health hazard. If there are children and pets at home, then you should inform the professionals in advance about the same. They will undertake proper safety measures and also advise you on the dos’ and don’ts to protect your children during the entire painting process.

Health risk precautions

  • The painters take short breaks in their work. This is to get fresh air in their lungs. Painting for longer periods without breaks can prove to be harmful to health.
  • The room is painting should have proper ventilation.
  • In case, you or any of your family members get dizzy due to the paint’s strong smell and experience nausea or watery eyes, then simply go outside to have fresh air. Avoid being near that room that is being painted. If you are allergic or suffering from a breathing problem, then you can consider staying with a friend or relative until the entire project is complete.

General safety precautions

  • To remove old paint from the wall, the professionals will use a paint stripper. While performing this task, they will wear a cloth face mask to protect their nose and eyes. Also, you can expect them to use chemical-resistant gloves. They will make use of quickly evaporating solvent.
  • There are available two types of paints namely, alkyd/oil-based or water-based/latex. Most oil-based paints have thinners in them that emit poisonous fumes since it is created from VOC (volatile organic compounds). Hence, select paints marked 0 VOC as they will be environment-friendly. It dries very quickly and is safe. Use latex paint when painting indoors. The knowledgeable surrey commercial painting company will help you select the most appropriate paint type.


Even if there is no odor presented by the paints, it is likely to contain toxic vapors. In case this vapor is inhaled, then the person’s health condition can become serious. Hence, windows should be kept open to eliminate the poisonous gas of the paints and let in the fresh air. You can also wear disposable nose masks like the professionals while inspecting the room that is being painted.

Therefore, following the safety rules will ensure getting a decent painting job.

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