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What To Look For While Buying Laboratory Incubators?

Laboratory incubators are making a big name for themselves among scientists and researchers. These special insulated and heated boxes are mainly used to provide a safe and contamination-free space for working on cellular or tissue cultures. Laboratory incubators come with an option to control and customize conditions inside the chamber, including such as temperature, CO2 level, humidity, etc.

There are varying degrees of laboratory incubators available, and some you may need to order online. In contrast, others can be found on the shelves at your local chain superstore. You must know what type of space is needed for the lab and what needs to be in it before you head out shopping. Here are a few tips for people going out to shop for laboratory incubators:

Find the Ideal Size of The Chamber

The first thing you need to know before heading out to buy laboratory incubators is the chamber size required. This can be determined by the number of samples required to be performed and the growth space needed for those samples. Smaller chambers with less than 100ml capacity are used for standard cell cultures, while bigger ones are meant for microorganisms or large samples.

Eventually, the Laboratory Incubators will depend on your laboratory’s requirements. The lab-type labeling should indicate how large the incubator will be in

capacity. Therefore, find an appropriate size incubator before spending any money.

Search For The Best Brand

The brand of the lab incubator you go for is equally important as it impacts the results you get from your experiment. The best brands should have a long track record in producing innovative and reliable products and excellent customer service skills. It is also important to look out for experts who have an in-depth knowledge of a particular brand to ensure your needs are met.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has produced a guide on lab incubators, and you can find the full guide on its website. It’s always best to buy laboratory incubators by Global Lab Supply from reputable and trusted brands only as you can get a better warranty.

Purchase Online Or In Store

You may prefer to buy laboratory incubators online, especially when there is a huge range of products available from different brands. You will also find online shopping convenient since you do not have to stay in one place while looking at different options. However, ensure that the lab incubator you purchase is enough for the number of samples your lab will process.

Buying lab incubators in-store can also be a good option, especially if you want something particular. In addition, there will generally be more options available at the store than what is available online. You can also find whether it’s a benchtop model or cabinet-style or if it features heating elements by checking out its labeling or specifications.

Go With A Comprehensive Warranty

Many labs would often prefer to buy lab incubators from reliable brands and not risk their reputation by purchasing from less-reputable manufacturers. One reason for this preference is that many established brands offer comprehensive warranties with their products, which can be difficult to come by with lesser-known manufacturers.

A comprehensive warranty should ensure that any problems caused by the product are addressed and fixed quickly by the manufacturer, without costing you anything extra apart from the cost of the product itself in some cases. The warranty comes in handy when you face any problem with the incubator in the future.

Make Sure It Is Easy To Use

While you may be able to have a technician or someone on your staff set up the lab incubator, the device must be user-friendly enough for you to be able to maintain it yourself in case anybody else leaves your lab or retires. You should also know how to clean and maintain your lab incubator and how infection can affect the results. A good warranty will also ensure that a highly qualified technician guides you throughout the process.

Understand How The Control Panel Works

You may face problems when using a new lab incubator, especially if you have not used one before. This is why you must learn how the device works, even if you think you will not need to use it often. It is also advisable to buy one with a user manual so that you can set it up properly and understand how it works. Considering the importance of these devices, it should not be difficult to find the best one according to your needs which can be bought from various specialty stores or online shops.


Choose an incubator that is just what you need, according to your specific sample and the size of your lab. In addition, make sure that you have checked whether it is suitable for domestic use and designed for laboratory use only. Lab incubators are very important for any scientist or researcher working on molecular biology and biotechnology.


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