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What’s life like at a Boarding School?

Boys Boarding Schools in India

Life at a boarding school for all of us who have been in the same has been memorable. But what is life like at a boarding school these days? What’s different and what’s the same? If you’re looking to enroll your son into one of the best boys boarding schools in India, knowing how their life will be is essential. Let’s take a look into how a daily student’s life at a boarding school is1

The start of the day

 The fun thing about boarding schools is that you get to meet a lot of new people. There are many unique opportunities of making friends for a lifetime as well. In the time that your child stays at a boarding school, shared experiences make up a majority of their memories. The start of the day is slow and breakfast items are usually at 7 AM. Students at a private boarding school freshen up and head out to the cafeteria.

Academic timings

The classes at these schools generally commence from 8 to 8:30 A.M. and go on till about 2 P.M. at noon with a lunch break at midday! The duration of academics is well-balanced and this ensures that your child gets ample focus and time to learn at a boarding school. Adding to this, the focus on academics is finely balanced with other activities that start after the day school ends.

Activities and sports

After the end of school hours, students wrap up with their academics. The best boys boarding school in India will always ensure that your child grows holistically. This is why after studies students can head to their respective activities like swimming, table tennis, gymming, etc. This gives them the much-needed recreational balance that they need in their lives!

Clubs and other extracurricular activities

In Boarding school, clubs and extracurriculars fit in around late afternoon to the evening after sports activities. They ensure that students get an all-rounded experience and can develop other skills than just good academic aptitude. Our clubs can include arts, drama, etc. daily word


 After students are done with their respective clubs, they get some time to interact with each other in the evening. After this around 9 P.M., they head out to the dining hall for dinner again. This ensures that they can maintain a good routine and are put into a habit of the same.

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We recommend enrolling your child in a boarding school because of the unique amenities and state-of-the-art infrastructure that these schools offer. A private boarding school in India today has the best facilities with centrally AC classrooms and hostels. They also have convenience stores, medical shops, etc on the campus itself. Students are exposed to the different necessities of life and are also assisted in gaining an enriching experience. You can check out the best private boarding school for boys online with ease. If you have any further queries feel free to contact them through their website today!

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The GD Goenka World School is ideally located, with the center of Gurgaon just a 30 minutes drive. In fact, an hour’s drive from the school will take you to the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi, making the location a highly preferred one for boarding schools near Delhi NCR.

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