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When You Should Contact a High Net Worth Divorce Lawyer

Divorces are not an easy process. No one wants a marriage to fall apart. However, divorces happen very commonly these days.

When a couple does decide to separate, the process often takes many weeks or months to resolve. Complicating the matter even further is the fact that many high-net-worth divorces can lead to even messier situations.

If you are dealing with a high net worth divorce, consider contacting a skilled attorney today!

What Is a High Net Worth Divorce?

 In general, a high net worth divorce is one in which the assets and money involved total over 1 million dollars. These divorces are often extremely complex and can take a very long time to sort out.

Interestingly, high net worth divorces also consider the type of assets associated with the people involved in the divorce. For this reason, these cases must consider far more than just the total amount of money associated with the case.

Furthermore, high net worth divorces can often involve high-profile people such as politicians or higher-ups within companies. Therefore, discretion is necessary when dealing with a high net worth divorce case.

Determining Any Hard-to-Find Assets

With high-earning individuals, there are often many assets that are hidden from view. These can include bank accounts that are maintained in other countries or those funds that have been improperly gifted to other individuals.

Your lawyer can work to sift through all of the confusing extra details regarding hidden benefits so that you can your spouse can split amicably, each getting what is fair for the case at hand.

In some cases, your lawyer may even need to partner with professional investigation teams to get to the bottom of some hidden assets. Whatever it takes, your lawyer will ensure that the assets are split fairly.

General Divorce Considerations

 Divorces affect many more people than just the two partners involved in the case.

For instance, couples who have children need to consider how the divorce will affect the family dynamic. Children will need to either live with one parent or will have to split time between the two. This can be very traumatic for children, especially during particular stages of life.

During high net worth cases, the strain on families becomes even more pronounced. Everything happens in the public eye and neighbors, friends, and family members will all be aware of some details that are happening in your personal life.

Therefore, if you can find a happy resolution that quietly settles the divorce, this is always the better option. Your lawyer can help you collaborate with your spouse so that you can both get what you need in the divorce without causing huge problems in both of your personal lives. This will also help to keep the proceedings more private and out of the public eye.

Are You in Need of a High Net Worth Divorce Lawyer?

 If you’ve tried everything to save your relationship, but have still decided that divorce is the best option, contact a high net worth divorce attorney as soon as possible. Call today!

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