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Air Duct Location And How To Install Them?

You can place the air duct correctly. Professionals place them in the hallways, in the large open areas of your home, and under stairwells. If you put these ducts in these locations, they assure you that they will be able to pull in enough air to tack it back to the HVAC system. Return air duct location depends upon its function. The best area to place these ducts should rely upon the system. Either it is used for heating or cooling the air. If it is used to cool air, it can be placed near the ceiling. But if they are used for the warm air, they should be placed near the floors. 

Best places to put these ducts:

You should place it right across from the supply vents when you know that the duct can suck the air back. Sometimes, this place is true but sometimes not. If you want to install the return duct in all the rooms where the air supply is more, it is not always the right case. When installing these ducts in your home, never install them in your bathroom and kitchen. Because if it is installed in the kitchen, it will supply the warm and moist air from the kitchen all around the system. It can provide a bad mood all-around your home. 

Most of these ducts should be placed near the windows or doors. Because from that place mostly heat enters in the room. Strategically, ducts are placed in these locations to help battle heat loss or heat gain. It could be the only reason to put these ducts near the supply vents. When installing these ducts in that way, they will allow the system to suck the air throughout the entire room. This system could be best only in those homes where these ducts are placed in all the rooms. But, if you want to install these ducts only in one or two places, you have to install them in the centralized location as possible. 

Another important thing to consider is the physical location of these vents for installing these air ducts in the walls, floors, or ceiling. When professionals install these supply ducts in the top or high up on the wall, then they should place these ducts as low as possible. If you install the vents in this way, the old method would be to place them.  

How to install these vents? 

Installation of the air duct is very simple and quick and depends upon the location and size of your HVAC system. To install these vents, you have to follow these steps:


First, examine the heating system of your home. It is the most important step to understand the space you are heating. The input of the hot air must be equal to the output of that air. If the furnace information is less than the output, it will cause pressure on your home and do a possible backup of the dangerous fumes. So, if the air duct lacks the required area, then the air will travel to the furnace through the rooms.. Then, this will create a draft that can defeat the purpose of the forced air system.


You have to place these cold ducts on the inside of the wall of the buildings at the lowest point. These vents work to pull the cold air from the bottom of your room to the furnace and then reheat this cold air and return the warm air to the room. There is no need to place these ducts into the metal. Just put these vents into the cavities of the staircase, in the stacked closets that are running one on the top of the other, and in the stud cavities in the wall. So that the one vent can service the entire zone, the air space can be provided from under the doors. So, that when these ducts are closed to the register they are still able to draw air without pulling against the furnace.


When installing these vents, mount them at least ten feet away from the thermostat because the draft of air can cause incorrect measurements of the temperature.


People can also use the exhaust fan to remove the moisture from the kitchen. Used it in the bathroom also because of the high humidity. 

Size of the return duct:

With the location of these, the duct sizes are also very important. The size of these ducts should depend upon the size of the duct and also on the size of the HVAC system. In most cases, when installing the ducts in all of your rooms, you should go with the same size of the supply vents. 

But, if anyone is installing just one or two vents in your home, you have to place the 12-inch return for the 2-ton units. Fourteen inches return for the 3-ton teams. Sixteen inches return can be suitable for the 4-ton unit, and 18 inches return will be best for the 5-ton unit. 


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