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The Easiest Citizenship In By Property Or Investment!

Citizenship by Investment programmed offer a great way for investors to acquire a second passport. It all boils down to amount of time and money you can expend on obtaining the objective. Depending on the current passport you hold, for example, Portugal allows foreigners to receive residency, and eventually citizenship, in lieu of a 250,000 euro donation to the country’s art scene.

A lot of times investors acquire second passports as a backup option which gives them the chance and the right to live elsewhere if the situation demands it. Real estate investments also offer a great way for you to acquire citizenship in various European countries such as Malta, Montenegro, and Turkey.

Benefits of residency in a European country

People opt for a second citizenship for several reasons. Here are the top reasons you should too.

More financial options

People who apply for a second passport in Europe do so primarily to have better financial options available to them and the ability to tap into newer markets previously thought impossible.

Better education

If you are a citizen of a European country, this means you and your children can have unbridled access to some of the world’s best educational institutions – often at discounted or subsidized rates.

Improved quality of life

Depending on your country of origin, life in Europe in general offers a far higher quality of life overall along with improved security.

Hassle-free travel

As a dual passport holder, especially in a European country, you essentially open up limitless possibilities for travel and can enjoy visa-free access to at least 120+ countries around the world.

Four European countries that offer the easiest route to citizenship by property or investment


Malta is a European Union member and contribution to the country’s economic development or buying a real estate property is the fastest route to acquiring a Maltese passport. Malta has a growing economy, sound banking system, and a stable political environment.

The country’s Citizenship by Investment process is very efficient and its government is committed to vetting interested investors very carefully to ensure only people with impeccable standing get accepted as nationals.

Maltese immigrant citizens can then set up a business in the country and enjoy visa-free travel to 183 countries, including the US. The entire process is very streamlined and can be completely quickly with professional assistance. However, the applicants must plan to stay within the country for a minimum of 12 months for the process to complete.

Malta citizenship can cost a minimum of 700,000 Euros. Here’s what the breakdown looks like;

– Contribution to Malta of up to 750,000 for 1 year of residency and 600,000 for 3 years of residency.

– Buy a property in a government approved project for at least Euro 700,000 or leasing a property for 5 years minimum at 18,000 per annum.

– Spouse – Euro 50,000

– Dependents – Euro 50,000 each

– Donate Euro 10,000 to a non-profit entity in Malta.


Montenegro is a beautiful small European country that welcomes 200,000 holiday-makers every year. The country is known for its unparalleled and pristine beauty, blue waters, and clear skies.

Montenegro’s Citizenship by Investment programmed was launched in 2018 and is expected to close by the end of 2022. The government is accepting investor applications till 31st December 2022.

Interested investors must make one-time government donations and also invest in a piece of government-approved real estate property to acquire citizenship. The investor can rent out the property and enjoy a yearly yield of 4-8% per annum from the property. The entire process requires a minimum of Euro 450,000 in investment and can take 6-8 months to complete. The Montenegrin passport can open visa-free entry to 123 destinations.


Turkey is a Euro-Asian country by geography, but is considered to be a European country on all accounts. The country’s Citizenship by Investment programmed allows interested persons to invest a minimum of $250,000 to acquire real estate or invest into a business to procure citizenship to the country.

The best thing about this is that investors can also sell this property within 3 years without affecting their citizenship status. In 2018, the Turkish government lowered the qualifying amount from $1 million to $250,000 and is seeing a robust response for this reason.

Purchasing a property to get Turkish passport is by far the most commonly taken route by investors. Other options for acquiring citizenship involve investing into a Turkish company (after an approval from the Ministry of Industry and Technology), opening a bank account and depositing a minimum of $500,000 and holding the sum for 3 years, or creating a company from scratch in the country and creating at least 50 jobs over a period of 3 years.

This option requires prior approval from the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

To avoid complexity and simplify the process, investors prefer to go for the real-estate investment option as it is a straight-forward citizenship qualifier for interested investors.

 Want to see how you can utilize Citizenship by Investment to acquire dual citizenship in the right country? Book a free consultation with one of our expert advisors today to learn more.

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