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Better Gas Geyser Or An Electric Geyser?

Usha Geyser Price

Choosing between an electric and gas geyser can be difficult, especially if you are new to the geyser world. However, the best way to determine which geyser is superior to the other is to compare their strengths and weaknesses to decide which one to choose. 

Gas geysers and electric geysers operate differently, and each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages when it comes to water heating. hilbet

Gas Geyser

Liquid Petroleum Gas is used in gas geysers. These types of geysers have an unlimited capacity to heat water. Gas geysers provide an endless supply of heated water and instantaneous heating. Gas geysers are less energy-efficient than electric geysers but recover quickly. Unsurprisingly, they’re the most convenient option for larger families. 

However, people are gradually abandoning it in metros due to the requirements for gas geysers. Gas geyser are used widely due to low operational cost and budget friendly price like Usha geyser price  starts from Rs 5990/-

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Gas Geysers are Classified According to Their Type

  • Instant Geysers

These geysers are also known as tankless geysers and it is required for those who do not immediately require a large amount of water. In India, the majority of gas geyser companies focus exclusively on instant gas geysers.

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  • Storage Geysers

They are required for those who require a large amount of hot water, such as bathing in a bathtub. Due to their simple construction and operation, these geyser types are easy to repair. Storage geysers are the most popular type of geyser on the market. In India, these types of latest gas geysers are extremely rare.

How a Gas Geyser Operates

Gas geysers operate by heating water via a gas burner located beneath a large tank from which heated water is distributed via pipelines. The pressure valve releases the pressure built up in a gas geyser during heating.

Advantages of a Gas Geyser

  • Heating is consistent, which aids in energy conservation. If you use hot water immediately, you will save a significant amount of heat energy.
  • Gas geyser is suitable for a large family 
  • It is extremely easy to repair 
  • Gas geyser does not require electricity to operate 
  • The gas geyser can be operated using both pipeline natural gas and household LPG cylinders

Disadvantages of Gas Geysers

To determine which is better, a gas geyser or an electric geyser, you must also consider the disadvantages of gas geysers.

  • Additional storage space for the LPG cylinder is required, and the bathroom should have adequate ventilation.
    Gas geysers had a very small market in India. The majority of gas geysers are instantaneous. There are no models of storage gas geysers available. Gas geysers quickly become obsolete.
  • Limited life expectancy due to the frequent failure of gas burners.
  • Difficult to install and should only be attempted by professionals.
  • A gas geyser contributes to pollution by releasing carbon monoxide into the air when LPG or natural gas is burned.

Electric Geyser

Electric geysers have become extremely popular simply due to their convenience. Copper coils are used to convert electricity to heat energy in electric geysers. Although this type of geyser has undergone numerous modifications, the fundamental principle remains the same. Electric geyser 10 ltr price is also very affordable, and this is the most widely used geyser in India. 

Types of Electric Geysers

It is heated by an electric element located in the water tank. High-efficiency units include additional insulation to help prevent heat loss. 

There are two types of electric geysers: Instant geysers and Storage geysers. 

Advantages of Electric Geysers 

  • Electric geysers are simple to operate 
  • The energy source used to heat the water is inexpensive
  • Heating is extremely fast.

Disadvantages of Electric Geysers

  • Electric geysers require electricity to operate. 
  • It is prohibitively expensive to purchase and operate 
  • Short circuit blow-off may result in danger

Operation of an Electric Geyser

The flow of electricity heats the water contained in the tank, which is then distributed throughout the pipelines. It operates on the principle of convection.

 A gas geyser or an electric geyser is better now that you understand the differences between the two types of geysers. It depends on a variety of factors, including the following:

  • The cost of insulation 
  • The cost of purchasing the geyser 
  • The amount of space required
  • The efficiency and requirements of the geyser 
  • The geyser’s life expectancy

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