Who can give you services for Foreign Exchange Management?


When you think about Foreign Exchange Management, you can count on two things:

  1. The services associated with it are quite complex.
  2. When you can find someone who can render those services, success is a guarantee.

For that very reason, finding the right FEMA consultants is first on the minds of many who deal with foreign trade.

The points you’ll read in this article will guide you towards the one who can render you services for Foreign Exchange Management Act.

Why do you need FEMA services?

Services that are concerned with maintaining the financial stability of your business such as accounting & assurance, business compliance management etc. aren’t those for which you can just rely on in house experts. And when you FEMA into the equation, the services you require become even more complex.

Following are the services that come under FEMA regulations:

  1. Foreign Exchange: Foreign currency exchange or foreign trade exchange are the most common FEMA services.
  2. Foreign security: When you’re establishing your business over a foreign land, you need securities to keep it intact.
  3. Export of services and product: If you’re rendering services or exporting products outside India, you need someone who understand the business scenario of the country you’re rendering your services or exporting your product to.
  4. Incorporation of a company overseas by an NRI: For a non-resident Indian, incorporating a company outside India is easy. However, he has to adhere to many compliance guidelines that only a FEMA consultant can deliver.

As you can see, when you’re dealing with currencies that are more than rupees, you need the aid of consultants.

However, we now live in an era where everyone thinks of them as a consultant. Therefore, you need to find a way to sift through the fraudulent elements and find the right experts.

How to find the right FEMA consultants in India?

Fortunately, the complexity of FEMA services is high enough that no one risks to pretend to provide them. What we mean is FEMA consultants that you come across would always be legitimate. However, to find the right one among them, you need to keep the following things in mind:

  1. Do they possess enough knowledge about foreign trade: The services you need vary depending upon your requirements. Therefore, before you approach a consultant, you should know your business. Only then will you be able to find out whether the consultant you’re approaching has enough knowledge about your services.
  2. Do they possess enough experience: No one “novice” can provide you FEMA consultation services. The regulatory complexities combined with the quantum of information suggest that to provide Foreign exchange related services, one has to have optimal experience. Therefore, as you approach a consultant, try to extract the exact number of years they’ve been active in the FEMA domain.
  3. Are they keeping their records updated: Right FEMA consultants understand that foreign policies are fickle as features. These policies can transform depending upon a country’s global economic relations. Therefore, to obtain precise services, you need consultants who keep their record updated with precise updates.

Who are experts that fit the above criteria?

It can be quite a hassle for you to find someone who fits exactly the requirements we have specified above. That’s where we can give you a recommendation.

We are Registrationwala. Business registration experts that deliver FEMA consultation services of the kind that you like the most – timely, professional and affordable.

Having a collective experience of more than 50 years, our FEMA consultants understand how to sift through enormous data of your business. We keep ourselves updates with the regulatory changes of the Foreign Exchange Management Act and therefore, can provide you the precise services that you seek.

Contact us for FEMA consultations that count.

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