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Why choose Flutter to Ace App Development?

Flutter to Ace App Development?

A mobile application is a must-have for a business. Why? Well, there are plenty of reasons for that. One, the use of mobile devices is at its peak, and people can access such apps instantly and from anywhere. Two, the cost of making an app is relatively low as compared to a website. And three, the use of the mobile app is also surging. As per stats, 26% of the users begin their research from mobile apps.

The above insights are clear proof that if you have an app for your business, you can boost your customer acquisition and retention rate almost exponentially. However, making an app can be a daunting task as it involves a lot of research about the competitors, market, and tech stack.

Though competitors and market research can be narrowed down, the tech stack is an aspect that needs to be carefully examined as there is a lot of software for app development out there. If you want to save time on deciding the tech stack, go for Flutter SDK! Why? Well, let’s list down all the necessary reasons before you.

Why choose Flutter for building a Startup App for your Business?

Flutter is an open-source UI toolkit developed by Google that offers the ability to develop world-class applications to a Flutter App Development Company. It is one of the most commonly used frameworks for app development. As per Statista, 42% of the software developers will use Flutter in 2021.

If you are looking to develop an app for your business, you need to consult a professional provider of Flutter App Development Services, and here are some reasons for that.

Faster time to launch

One of the key reasons for which you need to invest in Flutter for your startup app is that you get to launch the app faster in the market. As technology is changing at a rapid pace, it has become necessary for companies to leverage any opportunity they get as soon as possible. For this, Flutter is an ideal option.

With the single codebase and code reusability feature of Flutter, you can develop an app for all the platforms like Android, iOS, etc., by writing the code only once. This leads to faster app development, less time required for testing, and a shorter time to hit the market.

Low-cost development

As mentioned in the point above, the SDK allows code reusability and has a single codebase feature. By doing this, you can easily use the same code for making the cross-platform app development for Flutter and other platforms like Linux, Windows, Android by doing some minor changes.

For this, all you need is to Hire Flutter App Developers in place of hiring separate developers for Android, iOS, and more! This will help you save a lot of money and will also ease the app maintenance process. The use of Flutter also reduces the work for developers to a great extent.

Faster Testing

Every good thing about Flutter revolves around the single codebase feature. The UI toolkit uses Dart as its programming language, which is pretty simple and consistent. Thus, making the code easy to manage and integrate.

As the app code for almost all the platforms is the same, you won’t have to hire a person to test the performance of different apps. Testing a single code will yield the desired results for you. Thus, saving you both time and investment.


When WhatsApp was released, there were many messaging apps that tried to provide a different yet unique UI to the users. Some of them survived, but many of them failed due to a lack of audience. Now, the point to understand here is that the UI of your startup app has to be user-friendly and consistent across platforms.

With Flutter, the developers of Flutter App Development Services can use the widget, which is a unified object model. By using the widgets provided by Flutter, developers do not have to use the widgets of the original equipment manufacturer. As Flutter already has stunning widgets from Google Material design and Apple Cupertino, developers can make stunning, consistent, yet interactive app UI across all platforms.

Rendering Engine

As a user expects the best experience on the app, no matter the device or OS, Flutter helps the developers provide them. How?

Flutter uses Skia, which is a rendering engine. It ensures that Flutter is rendered on a platform easily, which makes adding a Flutter-based UI on a platform super convenient. Thus, allowing businesses to provide seamless, clean, and consistent UI across all platforms.

Boosts Productivity

One of the key things that not only startup businesses but every business needs is productivity. With Flutter, you can hire Flutter App Developers and make them super productive.

Flutter has some cool features that keep your app development team synced and highly productive. The Hot reload feature of Flutter allows the app developers to make changes to the code and see those changes in real-time instantly.

With this, developers can see all their development so far easily and also make add-on changes to it without disturbing the functionality of the code. As this code is also shared with the designers of the app, it keeps them updated with all the recently made changes. Hence, the Hot reload feature of the SDK ensures enhanced productivity.


If you are a startup and want to grow your business faster than others, developing mobile as well as a web app is the best thing to do. On the one hand, other software can take a lot of time to develop an app for your business; a Flutter App Development Company can help you get it done in minimum time. And not only for just Android or iOS, but you can also get an app for almost all the platforms and that too in minimum time. That’s the power of the Flutter UI toolkit.

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