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Galaxy Should Be On Top Of Our Cosplay Costume List!

What is Cosplay, though?

Each year hundreds of cosplay conventions take place. And thousands of cosplayers from around the globe attend this event with high spirits. Do you know that the first-ever cosplay event was held in 1939, WorldCon I? Since then, it’s been a must-go place for all anime, game, and comic enthusiasts. It’s where all the cosplayers have the chance to don the outfits from their beloved franchise. And they live the hell out of the day. Even if they are not a cosplayer. Or don’t know anything about the cosplay community. Anime-Con is the convention that you might have overheard at least once in your life span.

These conventions are one the most populated ones that take place every year besides 2021. Well, we all know that went down the last years and due to this unfortunately we missed the chance this year. And hopefully, all things go well this year, so can attend our beloved event. And wear our beloved cosplay costumes like the star lord coat. Cosplay has emerged a lot in the past few years, and its population in every event is increasing substantially. As the cosplay community is so vast, and so is the costumes library. Let’s have a look at the franchise from which you can inspire your main costume for the upcoming convention.

Why Guardians of The Galaxy?

Guardians Of The Galaxy is one of the best sequels from Marvel comics, as well as the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The intergalactic storyline with amazing ships and communities is always an experience to watch. The sequel from our praised franchise has made it to the D-list superheroes, which many did not expect.

Guardians Of The Galaxy has some bankable characters that Marvel has brought to the theaters, which they do not regret. Before the GOTG was released. Marvel was already a franchise, from where many cosplayers used to pick their outfit for the event. But the year it was released, its character’s outfits were the most worn costumes at any the events like Comic-Con and many other ones.

There is more than one movie from the franchise that they are featured in (and more to come), and we have seen a few tweaks in almost every character’s outfit. As they are one of the attractions for cosplayers, let’s take a look at some of the outfits that are worth wearing at your next attending comic con or any other cosplay event. If you really are a GOTG fan, you will definitely love all the characters included in this list.

The Leader

Star-Lord can be a better character from the series to kick it off. The earthling was kidnapped by Yondo right after when he lost his mother when he was just seven. The sarcastic persona of Peter Quill is appealed by some amazing acting skills of Chris Pratt. Suppose we look at the costumes of the leader of GOTG that were praised a lot by the critics and the viewers of the series. The star lord jacket from the first installment of the series is undoubtedly the best one in the bunch, but the star lord trench coat was the attire that many Marvel fans wore in the last Comic-con.


Suppose there’s any other character in the Guardians of the Galaxy who is the fiercest one. Since her first appearance, she has been an instant hit for the franchise. Don’t let her somewhat charming persona fool you. Gamora is actually a highly trained member. Not just a trained one, because Thanos is the one to train her. So you can only imagine how chaotic she can be. Whether you talk about the outfit from the first, second, or even from the End Game. You can say she has the best taste of fashion in the entire team.

The chemistry between Quill and Gamora that we saw in the sequel carries it to your next Comic-Con as there are a lot of Guardians of the Galaxy Jacket Couple Deal and ideas on the internet that you can have; if it sounds interesting! Lookup the star lord real leather jacket and Gamora’s trench coat from the end game; they look amazing. Gamora is the ideal personality that young girls would look up to. She is never afraid of a challenge, and her punch-first-ask-later attitude makes her stunningly dangerous.


From the first part, no one suspected that he could be the savior of our guardians, like ever. The commander of a mercenary group has gathered a fan base after his appearance in the second installment of the sequel. He is the second beloved arrow man (after Hawkeye, of course). He knows how to maintain his fashionable looks because of both of the parts. His costumes throughout the franchise have been quite familiar to one another. Providing you great options to wear on your upcoming or any cosplay event.

Remember how he sacrificed his life to save Peter? Yondu is always wearing the trench coat and the bow to the next event. It sounds like a great thing to pay some gratitude to him. But hey, you don’t know if he is truly gone from the franchise. It is because it is a Marvel we are talking about; how they manipulate the information until the release, change stuff, pick up different storylines, and get the point! So Before the next movie comes out, you really can not say anything for sure. If you are talking about the twisted plot of MCU, you never know what to expect from them.


In 2021, if there is any franchise that is on everyone’s radar is Marvel. This franchise alone has a number of series and storylines in itself, which makes it even a better place to look at while costume hunting. The different origins of every character are associated with different planets making the franchise have some of the most jaw-dropping sci-fi costumes from the filming industry. Thor and Guardians of the Galaxy are the ones with which we (the viewers) went on the stunning intergalactic journey, both the storyline has some of the most amazing outfits that we saw in the MCU (yet).


Thor’s thunderously beloved character of the MCU Universe has been the face character since his debut in 2011 Thor. The strongest Avenger has always been on the radar of the real cosplayer. And the ones who love the cosplay events and the Marvel. Even if you are going to travel via Bifrost Bridge, you won’t be able to count and witness all; it’s that many (potential) costumes are there alone in one character’s storyline. Do you know after the release of Thor: The Dark World. The dark elf’s stunning outfit was the best and the most worn costume in every cosplay convention?

The more his story grows, we witness more and more astounding outfits. From his last movie Thor: Ragnarok, we see most of the strange but astonishing outfits. The Grandmaster’s costume was the one costume that was the most popular among the cosplay community in the following year of the movie’s release

Guardians Of The Galaxy

An abducted earthling, an adopted daughter of a mass murderer, a crazy talking raccoon, and a tree; This merry collection of misfits is The Guardians Of The Galaxy. The easiest way to explain their stories is just like having a ride on a rollercoaster, as they all have different milieu. Due to some circumstances, their paths aligned, and they had to work together.

And forever since, they never really lived a day with different paths. As the movie and the comic origins are all about intergalactic beings, the Guardians of the Galaxy Leather Jacket is among the most praised franchises in the cosplay community.

Most Notable Outfits Of Guardians Of The Galaxy

To truly justify the praised costumes of the franchise GOTG, let’s start with the characters’ first appearance. Peter Quill or Star-Lord, the leader of the Guardians, always has some of the stupidest plans and always wants to lead the team. You have to say he has the most appreciable outfits since his comic days. In the movie, his Star Lord Coat is probably the best wear from the entire volume collection.

The trench coat and the jacket are the perfect matches, which is like a biker jacket with some more details. Not just him, Gamora knows a better version of the intergalactic fashion than Quill. Have a doubt? Just through the entire franchise and inspect every detail, you will agree!

Do you know? One of the most populated events in the US. It isn’t really where it is from. Japan is the country to ever report such an event. Firstly it was a place for all the Manga lovers. After being such a hit in Japan alone. Within its journey, it became an event for, well, everything, Science Fiction, Games, Anime, Comics, Manga, and many more.

This extraordinary event of the year has evolved a lot and has grown on a huge scale. Marvel Studios is undoubtedly one of the most admired and looked-up places among the Cosplay community. And the Guardians of the Galaxy Leather Jacket stands at a reputable place if you really want to rank them.

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