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Why Is It So Important For Any Web Application?

What Is UI/UX?

Having an online presence is a prime need for any business, regardless of its location and niche. You will find an MNC with a global presence, and a regional food delivery company that has its own app and website nowadays. While having a functional web application and website is a must-have for the sustenance and growth of any business, the focus should be given to building the apt UI/UX. Without an appealing UI and desirable UX, a web application or website will fail to entice target users. That is why the demand for UI/UX designers is high.

The basics of UI and UX design

UI/UX Design denotes the methods used for creating an interface for an app/website, making it functional, optimizing navigation and meeting target user needs. While designing the UI/UX for an app or website, a UI design company needs to analyze aspects like company image, type of customers, the balance between aesthetics and ease of use etc.

The terms UI and UX are often used interchangeably, but the two are slightly different, though related. They co-exist and play pivotal roles in the success or failure of web applications and websites.

UI is design oriented, and it denotes the look and feel of a web application or site. It covers nuances like the colour scheme, legibility, imagery, aesthetic details etc. UX is the experience felt by users when dealing with a web application or site. It covers nuances like speed and navigation. It also covers the feelings felt by users when using an app/website.

Importance of UI/UX design in web application development

Businesses have realized the need to develop websites and applications with pleasant and apt UI and UX. That explains why businesses of varying sizes and types hire agencies that bundle UI/UX development along with web development packages.

Listed below are the reasons UI/UX is deemed a pivotal component in web development:

  • Nice UI creates a good first impression- While Google pays importance to the relevance and freshness of website content, there is no denying the majority of web users get attracted by websites and apps with a pleasant interface. Unless your website or application has a good-looking UI, most of them are likely to evade it. If they find your application UI appealing, they are more likely to explore it.
  • Great UI/UX help retain customers- If your website or application has a nice UI/UX, it is more likely to get repeat visits by buyers, surveys have shown. Web users prefer websites and apps that look good and are easy to use. They prefer buying things from apps that have smooth and fast navigation. They also like applications that involve fewer steps in placing orders and creating profiles. When they are happy with the interface and overall app usage experience, they will like to use it in future too.
  • Time-saving- A well-designed website or application with aesthetic and functional UI helps the users save time. Nowadays, everyone is busy balancing household chores and professional life. So, they prefer using websites and applications that load fast and have easy-to-use navigation and menus. The UI should be designed in a way to load fast across different types of devices. When they find an app or website that helps them save time when buying things online, they will keep using it.
  • Helps create a strong brand image- Web users tend to think highly of applications and websites that have enticing and aesthetic UI. A website or app with clumsy, dull UI is regarded as unreliable, on the contrary.
  • Helps connect with target users- When you hire a veteran ux design company, it becomes easy to connect with your target buyers. Such a company ensures the application UI is designed in a way that is apt for the target buyers. They pick the suitable design elements matching the penchant of target user groups. The design of an app targeting young professionals will not be the same as that of an app meant for use by elderly people, for example.

Tips to ensure your application UI/UX hits the sweet spot

You can surely Hire UX designers to get an app developed for your brand that brings desired results. However, it is better if you know the ways to enhance the UI/UX of your application or website.

  • Using the right colour and visuals- At first glance, the target users should get the right vibe and idea about your company. So, the colour scheme and visuals for the app should be chosen carefully. Different colours evoke different emotions in the mind of the viewers- as has been proven scientifically. Typically, brands targeting the young population use bright and loud hues in their apps. Entities belonging to the healthcare and environment sector prefer using soothing and matte shades in their apps.
  • Evading visual clutter- The website or application should not have a UI that looks cluttered. So, the App UI should not contain too many colours, different types of fonts and design elements that hamper the aesthetic aspect. You will find some of the most popular apps and websites have minimal design elements and an overall clean look. Using fancy fonts that are hard to read is not recommended.
  • Optimizing for speed- The look of the app or website is not the only thing UI/UX designers think about. The app usage experience has to be good, and for that, the app should be fast. The loading speed has to be fast, and the navigation should be butter smooth to appeal to the users. Nobody wants to use an app that takes a long time to load and suffers from clumsy navigation.
  • UI customization- Web users like to use apps and websites that come with plenty of customization options. A lot of them prefer using apps that adapt to the dark theme –for example. Some of them also like to change the font used in the apps at times. Apps that come with extensive UI customization options are liked more by the end-users. So, you should hire an app development company that offers customization in UI/UX design.

Hiring the right UI/UX Design Company

Nowadays, you can hire regional web development agencies offering UI/UX design, and there are companies that offer outsourcing services too. You should try to Hire UI designers who have spent a long time in this sector and have a large client base. It would be better if you could locate a company that has clients belonging to the same sector. In any case, ensure you check out the portfolios of the company. This is the best way to assess the expertise of an agency offering UI/UX design services. Before the deal is finalized, ensure you learn about the support and service terms of such agencies.

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