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Why Is Raccoon Removal in Vancouver, BC from Properties Essential?

Raccoons are usually active at night, but you may see them out during the day, too. You should remain judicious when you see raccoons wandering erratically or disoriented on your property. If the raccoons scream with a high pitch and discharge foam from the mouth, it is a sign of a rabid raccoon. Therefore, stay calm and keep your children and pets out of reach of this wild animal. Contact professionals at raccoon removal in Vancouver, BC, to safely get rid of raccoons from your property.

Why Should You Stay Away from Raccoons?

Raccoons have diseases that they can transmit through direct or indirect contact with humans. You shouldn’t come close to the animal, for the same reason. The saliva from raccoons can make you fall ill. Feces and the urine of raccoons are the chief sources of bacteria; therefore, you should get rid of them immediately. If you don’t, you can catch contagious diseases, such as Salmonella, besides a few others. Children are at risk because of the feces/urine of raccoons. You can normally see raccoons during the daytime, but aggressive raccoons usually don’t show up during the day. If you confront an aggressive raccoon on a day, it has either rabies or a raccoon is defending her nest.

Where Would You Usually Find Raccoons on a Property in Vancouver, BC?

Raccoons may choose your attic or an abandoned structure on your property to use as their shelter. Raccoons stay in the hollows of trees or the hollows of detached trees to stay put and snug. Besides utilizing the attic as a shelter, raccoons infest a property to get their meal. You may find tear-open garbage bags or turn jars on your property because of a raccoon infestation. Thus, raccoons may infest a property seeking shelter to hide or find food for their survival.

What Should You Do If Raccoons Infest Your Property?

Raccoons are wildlife animals; therefore, the natural habitat for these animals is the forest or woodlands. Plus, you will not want yourself or your family to become victims of diseases because of raccoons. Additionally, you will want to live in a clean space. Thus, you must contact the wildlife removal service to remove the intruders (raccoons) from your property. Also, contact a reputable animal control service to get rid of raccoons from your house. Plus, it will ensure the safe removal of raccoons alongside your family’s safety. Please, don’t try removing raccoons from your property yourself because it is not risk-free. 


Raccoons are nocturnal animals, but you can confront raccoons during the day, too. However, you won’t see raccoons most of a day in Vancouver. If you see or find raccoons on your property, you should stay away from them alongside your children and pets. Otherwise, the chances are: You or your children may catch contagious diseases from raccoons. These wildlife animals may invade your attic or abandoned structure to hide and find food for their survival. Ensure contacting professionals at raccoon removal in Vancouver, BC, for safe raccoon removal from your property.

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