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Why Shopify is the Best eCommerce Platform?

Do you want to have a great customer base? Then, an eCommerce website is the best choice. Through eCommerce platforms, customers get to deal with the business and their products by simply using a gadget on hand. There is a lot of difference between the making style of old e-commerce portals and the new ones. The new style generates the modernized carts through the software. The new software applications come with numerous qualities and features. It gives you great efficiency with less time, less physical server cost, staff price, development effort, etc. Among various eCommerce platforms now being used, Shopify is the best eCommerce platform that is widely used by many businesses.

Why is Shopify the best eCommerce platform among many others? Here are some of the reasons to prove so.

What do you need to know about Shopify?

Shopify has everything you require from an eCommerce platform. It serves as a complete package for your business website and helps offer services worldwide through different language support. It builds various pages with the help of online editors etc. 500000 businesses have used Shopify in 170+ countries. If you are willing to implement it in an online business, Shopify is one of the best eCommerce platforms. Let’s check out why eCommerce owners consider Shopify as the one-stop solution.

  • Web hosting

To launch a business online, implementing a lot of features is inevitable. One of those factors is web hosting which is a challenging one. Shopping cart hosting needs support from a web development company. While you use Shopify, you don’t need to worry about databases or servers. Shopify’s eCommerce platform is accessible from any part of the world if you get an internet connection and admin login details. Payment gateways through Shopify are seamless and work quite faster. 

  • Marketing tools

If you need to buy marketing tools, the cost may be higher, which won’t be affordable to startups. But, Shopify has in-built marketing tools that help you add meta titles, page titles, URLs, web pages visible or hidden, navigation, etc. You can also optimize your eCommerce store based on your requirements. A Shopify Plus Expert can easily help you with this.It helps to integrate social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest to enhance promotions for your products. 

  • Technical assistance

While running an eCommerce business, you need technical assistance for your store. The store must have a shopping cart, too, for the customers to keep aside the products they wish to buy. Shopify gives 24/7 technical support. Thus it is possible to reach customer care whenever the issues come. They help you via live chats or calls. Technical assistance from any other eCommerce platform is rare and thus ends up in trouble when any glitch arises. 

  • Secured platform

One of the most important features of Shopify is that it provides utmost security among all other payment providers. Also, an eCommerce platform is successful only when it maintains faster loading times. The users return to your site only when speed and security are crucial factors. The payment loading time is also quicker with the in-built speed checker. 

  • No errors and duplicity 

The manual data entry may result in duplications and other errors. Also, the errors may be higher if the tracking is poor. But when you rely on Shopify, you get more automating options that help to remove the data duplicity and ease the data entry process. 

  • Advanced functions

Another feature that makes Shopify the best eCommerce platform is its advanced functionality that includes an application style to install and use in the site customization. Shopify, along with enhancing social media accessibility, also offers accounting, inventory management, business reporting, etc. Shopify also has the option for setting email auto-responses to not miss out on any questions from the customers.   

  • Effective payment gateway

Do you know what the most important feature of an eCommerce store is? It is an effective payment gateway. Shopify has its payment gateway feature and various other modes of payment. The payment gateway offered by Shopify has no transaction fees and has lesser fees for credit cards. It does not ask for a merchant account to use the payment feature. 

  • Free trial pack

Shopify offers a free trial pack for 14 days to test the features. You need to create an account by providing some details about your venture. After successfully submitting the required answers, you get a 14-day free trial to test Shopify features. In the free pack, you can add products, language support, website design, store setup, product filter, and dashboard settings. Shopify gives its primary domain in the free pack with the format ‘examplestore.myshopify.com’, but you cannot publish the domain live with the free trial pack.

  • Attractive online store 

One of the attractive features of Shopify is that it has appealing themes. Shopify has a different range of templates that helps you build attractive and unique online stores. The templates include a plethora of themes. Shopify expert designers develop the themes with the help of a kit. 

Why should you approach Shopify developers for your eCommerce website?

The benefits provided by the Shopify platform are numerous. Hence, it is the best eCommerce platform to attract new customers and boost brand recognition worldwide. So, do you want to build an online store? A successful online store is not one that is good in appearance or easy navigation. It requires continuous technical support from the developer to make the site convenient and unique from all other competitors. 

If you want technical assistance in building an online store, we advise you to hire Shopify developers. Successful business owners are approaching Shopify developers, especially to design competitive and unique sites. Hire qualified developers who are expected to have experience in sales & jQuery with code knowledge, HTML5. Technical support is important to sort out to present online. 

In a nutshell, Shopify is a cloud-based tool that offers a complete eCommerce solution. Do not worry about its cost, as the platform is cost-effective and saves time and resources. Shopify, the best eCommerce platform, provides you with complete structural control to set up the online store. 

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