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Stack For Enterprise Web Application Development!

There are a wide array of tech stacks available on the market to fulfill developmental needs. Considering the number of options, custom web application development companies are using a combination of various different technologies to get the job done.

Using a different technology stack not only gets the job done faster but also offers better results whether it’s web or custom enterprise app development. Speaking of which, the MEAN Stack is a highly visible technology stack that many companies are utilizing to develop cutting-edge software products.

The Best Choice for custom web application development

MEAN stack is one of the best options to build large-scale real-time applications. So if you, too, are thinking of building an application for your enterprise, you should choose MEAN as your technology stack for maximum results and optimal developer performance.

As well as when compared to other traditional frameworks, web applications built using the MEAN stack do not require regular updates. Also, developers can make real-time changes and also can update any changes during the development process.

What is the MEAN Stack?

MEAN is an acronym for MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and NodeJS. In Mean stack MongoDB is a conventional database system, Express includes backend web frameworks, AngularJS takes care of frontend development while Node.JS ensures the backend runtime environment.

Even though all these technologies develop separately yet when combined together can offer productive results and therefore, are considered one of the strongest tech stacks. Also MEAN stack comes with lots of features, the reason why it is favored by the developer community. Moreover, it is open source and combined together by a single language – Javascript.

Let’s Take a Look at the Languages Separately


  • Classified as a NoSQL database
  • Document oriented — meaning it makes use of JSON
  • Cross-platform

Express JS

  • Flexible
  • Characterized as minimal Node.JS application framework
  • Offers stable features
  • Efficient for single, multi, and hybrid website development

Angular JS

  • Maintained by Google
  • It is an open-source Javascript framework
  • Ideal for single page web development
  • It enhances web apps with MVC capabilities — making development and testing rather efficient.


  • Developed on Chrome’s Javascript runtime environment
  • Offers fast development
  • Developer scalable products
  • Efficient, lightweight, and event-driven
  • It is ideal for running data-intensive applications
  • Cross-platform

Why Choose MEAN Stack for your Next custom web application development

Here, I am going to list down some fascinating reasons why you should choose the MEAN stack for your upcoming projects:

Single Language Framework

This is one of the most important reasons why you should choose the MEAN stack. Javascript holds the framework together meaning — MEAN uses a single language for frontend and backend development. Every code written in javascript eliminates any or all ambiguities.

Such as server-side development is done through NodeJS and client-side coding is taken care of by AngularJS. Now, this makes enterprise application development quite easier since everything is handled by Javascpriot from configuring databases to taking care of frontend development. Therefore, you don’t need to look for developers having specific skills whether it’s backend or frontend development.

Enhances Developer Efficiency

Most importantly MEAN stack increases developer efficiency and productivity especially when you are working with Javascript as the main language. Also since it enables cross-platform enterprise application development it simplifies and eliminates the additional development work.

Moreover, you only need to code in Javascript Whether it is server-side or the client-side. So if you have a javascript developer working in your team, then it is purely beneficial for your project. With Node.js no need to put applications on a standalone server, when you can directly deploy on the server.

High Flexibility

App features and functionalities can be easily tested on the cloud platform. Meaning you can develop and test applications for quality assurance on the cloud. Also, it is super flexible, it lets you easily add changes to the code in case anything needs to change even after the development.

Similarly, MongoDB is super compatible with cloud technologies and has plenty of flexible features to play around with. Moreover, enterprise application development companies can easily and efficiently develop isomorphic code. For example: at first, you wrote the code in Node but later you want to move it to AngularJS, with MEAN you can do that easily without disturbing the rest of the enterprise application development.

Highly Cost-Effective

MEAN is considered highly cost-effective and therefore is favored by many enterprise application development companies out there. It saves companies the time and money otherwise spent on searching, hiring, selecting, and training different enterprise app developers for the enterprise app development team as they use a single language – Javascript to get the job done — meaning companies are only required to hire Javascript developers. Moreover, you can take your sweet time to find the best fit, who will not only stick with you long-term but also ensure the high-level quality of app development.

MEAN Stack is Open Source

All technologies included in the MEAN stack are open source and free to use. Open source is when the ‘copyright holder grants users the rights to use, study, change, and distribute the software and its source code to anyone and for any purpose’. Which in return facilitates the developers to use all the public repositories and libraries available on the internet without spending any money.

Moreover, due to its open-source nature, it has a huge community that is readily available through online forums and portals to help developers in case of issues along with newer ways to solve a problem. Open-source platforms like MEAN not only help developers save a lot of time but also enable them to develop high-quality enterprise applications.

Time Efficient

This one is a given. Enterprise application development companies are always working under a timeline, so if your application has limited time before it goes live, choosing MEAN as your tech stack would be a perfect choice.

It has an unlimited number of libraries available anytime which facilitates developers and as a result saves a lot of time otherwise spent on developing those libraries from the ground up. Plus automated testing features is just a cherry on top. Hire developers from India from a leading web development company in India for your future projects.

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