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Windows 10 Not Working With Pantum WiFi Laser Printer?

Resolve It!

The Pantum is a Wi-Fi-connected laser printer that is widely used in the home as well as the office. It prints the black & white documents.  The printing technology of this printer is a laser.  This printer works with WiFi network connectivity then you can remotely print the document with a mobile phone. The USB port is built-in the Pantum WiFi laser printer. Then, you can easily connect the Windows 10 & Macs device with this printer. If you wish to print the documents remotely then you can connect this printer to the WiFi network. The printing speed is very fast & high. It prints documents of up to 22ppm(A4) / 23ppm(Letter) in black and white. This wireless printer support multiple media sizes, and media weight up to 163g/㎡.

The laser wireless printer design is sleek and compact. The metal frame structure was built for long-term use. You can easily connect your mobile phone to this printer by using the mobile App. The Pantum App is available. You can install this app and completely connect the mobile phone. Moreover, you can also perform the pantum printer setup by using this app. With this app, you can easily perform the wireless setup in just minutes. After that, you can remotely print the documents. 

Why is the Windows 10 device not working with the Pantum WiFi Laser Printer? 

The wireless laser printer comes along with a USB port. This port is built-in on the back panel of the printer. This port is truly more useful to make the wired connection with the laptop & computer device. With this port, you can easily connect the Windows 10 computer & laptop device to the printer. After that, you can easily print the documents. But occasionally, the windows 10 device does not connect to the printer then the user faces some issue. There are many reasons due to windows 10 device does not connect to the printer, which are as follows:

  • Using a faulty USB cable
  • Pantum printer not turning ON
  • Wireless printer firmware issue
  • Not install the latest driver

Fascinating resolutions about Windows 10 device is not working with Pantum WiFi Laser Printer

If the Windows 10 device is not working with a wireless laser printer then you find out the problem. Because many times, the problems are very common then you can try to resolve this issue manually. To manually resolve the issue, you can follow some steps given below.

Utilizing another USB cable

If the Windows 10 device is not working with the laser printer then you should first verify the USB cable. Because many times the cable you are using is useless, due to which it is not known to be connected properly. If the cable is useless & broken then the computer device does not connect to the printer. To manually resolve the issue, you can use another USB cable. You should use a new cable and make sure that this cable is absolutely fine i.e. in working condition. While using a new USB cable, you can plug into the windows 10 device USB port as well as a printer USB port. The USB port is available on the back panel. You can turn ON the printer and verify the connection. Now, your computer device absolutely connects to the printer. 

Update the laser printer’s driver

If you have to share any documents from your computer to the printer for printing then you have to install the driver in your device. Without the driver, you cannot share the documents or print the documents. Sometimes, the printer’s driver is outdated and the Windows 10 device is not working with a laser printer. To fix the issue, you should verify the updated version. If the driver is outdated then it is not working. To update the driver, you can open the device manager. You can locate the printer on the list of devices, right-click it, and choose the Update Driver. After that, you can \choose Search automatically for updated driver software.

Verify the virus & firewall

Sometimes the virus is there in your laser printer then the windows 10 device is not working with the laser wireless printer. For this, you can remove the virus from the printer. To remove the virus in the printer, you can install the antivirus software. With the help of software, you can easily remove the virus. This software is specially designed to remove the virus. Just install the software on our website. Then you can use the software and quickly remove the virus. 

Reboot your Pantum WiFi Laser Printer

To resolve the issue, you can reboot the pantum wireless printer. To reboot the printer you ensure all the cable is unplugged. If any cable is plugged into the printer, then you can smoothly unplug it. After that, you can find the power button. The power button is available on the front panel of the printer. You can just press this button for a few seconds. After that, your printer is turned Off. You can wait until 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, you can press the power button again. Now, your printer is turned ON and it absolutely works with windows10 devices. 

Configure the printer setting

If the windows 10 device is not working with the laser printer then you should verify the printer’s setting. Because many times, you configure the wrong setting then the computer is not working with this printer. To fix the issue, you can verify the printer setting by using an IP address. If any setting is wrong configured then you can delete this setting. After that, the issue will be resolved.

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