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Winter Hair Care Heroes For Blondes, Including Toning!

Purple Shampoo

Do you want to help your blonde hair stand up to the driest months of the year? By implementing a thoughtful lineup of hair care essentials, you can get healthy locks and rock winter’s hot looks. With both these tips and products, you can stand up against winter hair woes. Easy-to-use, high-performing products can help you tame your blonde mane. Seek out toning purple shampoo to keep your blonde locks bright, a texturizing spray hair stylists use, and more.

Cleanse and Condition with Purple Products, Including Toning Purple Shampoo

Reduce brassiness with high-performing products designed for natural or color-treated blondes. Your tones will stay brighter if you use a toning purple shampoo weekly, for example. But be sure to use a non-toning daily purple shampoo and purple conditioner on the days in between.

Some of the best professional hair care brands offer collections for blonde locks. These products will ensure you get the best cleansing and conditioning formulas. Similarly, you should also build your hair care routine from the ground up with one trusted brand because their lineup of products can help you leverage their expertise.

Prep and Protect Your Blonde Hair

After washing and conditioning, it’s equally important to nourish and fortify strands. A protein-based leave-in conditioner and detangler is great for all hair types. A well-formulated detangler spray can protect your hair from UV and heat damage. Given this, you should look for a detangler that can condition and seal the cuticle to lock in color because it will help you get the results you’re after. A leave-in detangling conditioner is definitely a winter must-have.

Style Starters for Strands

Styling tools and hairdryers can do a number on our hair, and this is especially true when we’re using them more in the winter. Therefore, an excellent way to protect hair from heat is to use an argan oil formula that’s specifically made for blonde locks. This product is multipurpose, actually.

Argan oil helps seal and protect hair from heat and UV damage. It can also deliver a mega-dose of hydration and shine that can help hair appear healthy. Given this, seek out a formula that can smooth frizz and flyaway while also hydrating dry and damaged ends. Some can even reduce blow-dry time.

Time for Texture and Definition

Use high-performance styling or finishing products to get your desired texture and volume. Give your hair the texture it craves. Try either volumizing spray for fine hair or finishing cream for lived-in styles. Use a texturizing spray hair stylists recommend to add weightless volume and texture. Look for a dry finishing spray that’s safe for all hair types, including color-treated locks.

In short, there is plenty you can do to keep your blonde hair looking beautiful all winter long. Fight brassiness and frizziness, and protect and moisturize your strands with professional products.

About UNITE Hair

UNITE Hair knows beautiful hair begins with high-quality products you can trust. From effortless, everyday styles to looks crafted for the red carpet, UNITE has the premium products you need for gorgeous hair. Founded by celebrity hairdresser Andrew Dale, the professional hair care brand understands the importance of both high-performing and easy-to-use products that can accommodate all hair types.

With over 45 hairstylist-approved products, from a range of shampoos and conditioners to styling and finishing must-haves, you can choose the items that suit your needs best. UNITE Hair’s BLONDA™ System offers to tone purple shampoo to help keep your blonde locks bright, their award-winning 7SECONDS™ Detangler helps you achieve tangle-free styling, and their TEXTURIZA™ Spray is the texturizing spray hair stylists go to for the perfect finish. Explore these products and many more to discover how UNITE Hair can help you get the results you want.

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