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WordPress VS Shopify For eCommerce Development!

The rising demands of online consumerism have fanned the flames of eCommerce in recent years. New and improved eCommerce development platforms are emerging as a result.

Currently, two of the most trusted and leading eCommerce development platforms are Shopify and WordPress.

Here’s a detailed comparison between two of the best eCommerce development platforms, WordPress VS Shopify.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source and free eCommerce development platform.

It is mostly used as a blogging platform due to its effective Content Management System (CMS).

WooCommerce is a prominent plug-in used for developing eCommerce websites

Feature-rich online shops through WordPress.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a closed source hosted eCommerce development platform that lets the user build full-fledged online stores without any technical expertise, handling every aspect of a website like domain, security, hosting, etc.

Shopify VS WordPress Pricing

WordPress is completely free to download and use. However, it needs extra payments for availing themes, plug-ins and extensions.

Shopify offers complete website development solutions with different packages,

like Basic Shopify for $29/month, Shopify Lite for $7/month, Shopify for $79/month and Advanced Shopify for $299/month and Shopify Plus for $2000/month.

Shopify VS WordPress Ease of Use

Installation, updates, backups, hosting, security and maintenance. Needs to be handled on the users’ end because WordPress is not a hosted platform.

The in-built and almost all-inclusive online store is one of the core perks of Shopify. Exhibiting maximum usability as it requires no coding or technical expertise.

Shopify VS WordPress Design, Themes & Templates

WordPress has a wide range of themes and designs to choose from, beautiful and eye-catching templates for different types of businesses and websites.

Shopify has limited options when compared to WordPress, yet it offers many variations of elegant and user-friendly themes.

Shopify VS WordPress Inventory Management

WordPress offers a lot of flexibility for inventory management. The opportunity for modifications and creating product variations is truly limitless.

Inventory management of Shopify is quite similar to WordPress, providing complete control to the users over the management and tracking of products.

Shopify VS WordPress SEO

The WordPress editor allows users to tweak and optimise website content, re-directions, URLs, meta tags, meta descriptions, and other website elements in order to improve the online store’s SERP ranking.

On the flip side, Shopify has limited resources for SEO purposes.

Shopify VS WordPress Apps, Plug-Ins & Extensions

WordPress provides more than 50,000 plug-ins and 600 extensions to serve a wide range of categories

Shopify has more than 2,400 apps and nearly 4,000 plug-ins in its app store.

Shopify VS WordPress for DropShipping

DropshipMe is an effective solution for dropshipping through WordPress.

For the most popular dropshipping markets, some programmes can be readily linked with Shopify.

Shopify VS WordPress Security

The user is responsible for the security features while using WordPress. This eCommerce development platform requires the user to get website security plug-ins, SSL certificate, PCI compliant, 2-factor authentication and other security measures for a safe online retail experience.

Shopify is an all-in-one eCommerce store, providing adequate updates and security features in-built.

Shopify VS WordPress for eCommerce has been a long-standing debate between web developers and business owners

The final decision boils down to the user’s eCommerce development requirements.

Please do not feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions or require assistance with eCommerce development.

Communication Crafts is an experience-led eCommerce development company.

With highly skilled Shopify developers and WordPress developers to deliver cost-effective and future-proof eCommerce solutions.

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