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Software Helps Company In Off Boarding Process!

When does an employee decide to leave the organization?

There can be multiple reasons behind this separation. Maybe for personal reasons or maybe for poor employee management and poor employee experiences. Whatever it is, companies can easily handle this offboarding process simply by introducing workforce management software.

Like employee onboarding, offboarding employees do have plenty of steps. These include providing the documents, signing the copies, finalizing the paychecks, clearing out the dues, advertising for new hires, recruiting potential candidates, and training and onboarding them. The cycle goes on! Earlier, the HR team themselves used to perform the process asking the employees to stay for around three months notice period. Definitely, it consumed enough time and required good effort.

This article won’t talk about the guide to workforce management software. Rather we are more into how the software solution aids in the offboarding process.

4 Ways workforce management software can help a company in offboarding process

Sending HR documents:

Departing employees involves submitting several documents to the candidates that include signed resignation letters, employee experience letters, payslips, and many more. If you have pre-built documents on hand, it becomes easier for the HR managers to offboard the employee without any hassle.

The technologically advanced workforce management software automates the entire process. It can fetch employee data from the employee portal and generate e-documents that can be easily accessed whenever needed. HR managers can send these documents to the concerned individual over the web.

Setting up exit interviews:

Even the separation process requires a small yet effective round of exit interviews. This helps employers to understand the employee experience and the reason behind their departure.

The exit interview is more informal. It is like chatting with the person before signing off the resignation letter. Many managers even offer increments and other employee benefits to retain the talent within the organization. However, there is a 50-50 chance when such things happen.

Instead of reaching out to the employee in person, you can immediately set up an exit interview and add more details to the turnover report. After running an exit interview, you can improve your company ethics and workforce management strategy.

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Improving security factors:

While you are loosening your employee from your organization, it is your responsibility to check out the security panels. Look for the confidential files that require userID and password. The security codes need to be changed immediately the moment the employee leaves.

No matter how good the employee was in your organization, this particular job is essential for the sake of your business. Replace the IDs and security passwords from the sites used by the employee. Turn off the security access, collect the valuable stuff like a laptop or other gadgets given to that person, collect the company accessories like ID cards, passcodes, and so on. This will keep your business more secure, preventing the asset from data thefts and other vulnerabilities.

Simplifying final checkout process:

Finally, when you are going to bid goodbye to your staff, you should perform a simple and effective checkout process. Many times companies fail to clear the dues that often disappoint the ex-employees leading to the generation of poor reviews on the company profile. You can avoid this once you deliver accurate payments to the person and at the said time.

The WFM software never compromises in optimizing the final checkout process. It calculates and processes the final payments along with the payslip to understand the payment based on several categories. The one-stop digital platform is the ultimate solution to this.

Create a better experience with advanced WFM system

An ideal workforce management software assists the managers in simplifying the HR process that includes employee onboarding, offboarding, leave and attendance management, payroll management, time tracking, and so on.

Look for the best WFM solution to save your time, overhead costs, and extra efforts and offer a seamless work experience to the employees.

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