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Why is the first important consideration when utilizing YouTube channel promotion? Why bother creating, optimizing, and creating a brand for a YouTube channel?

The answer is two billion. There are billions of video views on YouTube every day as a result of that many monthly users. Additionally, that number only includes users with active accounts; it excludes those who utilize the site but do not have Google accounts. A 2019 Dataportal analysis found that 79 percent of Internet users had a YouTube account. It is now the second most widely used social media platform (after Facebook) and the second most often used search engine (behind Google).

The raw data are thus presented. But everyone is aware of how popular YouTube channel promotion service is. The real query is: how can you, as an independent musician, leverage the popularity of this global video platform to market your own music? YouTube now has a tonne of features, making it a crucial venue for musicians. Check it out, shall we?

What purpose do videos serve for musicians?

It’s straightforward: people like to watch videos. Visuals help us connect to the music more quickly and often at a deeper level. It served as the cornerstone on which MTV was constructed during the 1980s music video revolution, and it can still be seen in the epic, album-length concept videos made today by singers like Beyonce and Janelle Monae.

However, traditional music videos are not the only kind of music and visual fusion. You should be ready to satisfy the higher expectations that today’s music fans on YouTube have for their favorite artists. There are several ways for an independent musician who has turned to YouTube to interact with their audience, from live videos to Q&As that are aired live to behind-the-scenes studio footage.

How do I go about becoming a “YouTuber” and what exactly is a “YouTuber”?

One who creates videos and uploads them on YouTube is referred to as a “YouTuber.” On the other hand, a true YouTuber is a deliberate content producer that takes the creation of videos seriously and engages actively with their YouTube viewers and followers. Additionally, “YouTubers” have a routine of consistently posting videos. For instance, every Tuesday and Thursday at 10 a.m.

This is not the same as a musician who releases a YouTube video around once a month and regards it as successful. That person is not a YouTuber; they merely use YouTube to store their videos without engaging with their followers.

The recommendation engine and income model of the platform reward musicians who use it the way YouTube wishes. By becoming a YouTuber, you can maximize the potential of your channel and each video you upload.

Not sure where to start? That is the reason we are here.

What is a YouTube channel defined as?

The cornerstone of any YouTube video promotion strategy is a YouTube channel. Think of a channel as a musician’s equivalent of an artist profile on a streaming service like Spotify or Apple Music. You organize and post videos on your channel, where you can also interact with your viewers. The hub of your YouTube activities is there.

Another perspective is to think of your channel as a television channel. YouTube is the media, and you are the network (say, cable TV). Your channel is able to host a wide range of series in different formats. Additionally, by utilizing your playlists, video tools, and channel design options, you may present your content in the way that best suits you, differentiating between your “Prime Time” programs and your more laid-back “daytime” shows when presenting your material.

What procedures must I follow in order to launch my own YouTube channel?

It’s really really easy! For guidance on setting up a YouTube channel, see Google Support:

Create an account on YouTube using a computer or a mobile device.

Any action that requires the use of a channel, such as submitting a video, commenting, or creating a playlist, should be tried.

If you don’t already have one, you’ll be asked to create one.

Click Create Channel to begin creating your new channel after reviewing the details (including your Google Account name and profile picture).

What distinguishes a topic channel from an official artist channel?

A YouTube Official Artist Channel (OAC) is the streaming platform’s equivalent of a verified artist profile, just as a YouTube channel is the streaming platform’s equivalent of an artist profile. You can gather all of your YouTube work, including official videos, Art Tracks, and some user-generated content, by creating a claimed artist profile on YouTube (UGC, more on that later). An OAC gives the account owner a great deal of control over their YouTube channel, including:

  • Possibilities for customization
  • Videos created automatically can be added or removed.
  • You have access to tools like analytics.
  • An official artist channel and a topic channel are not the same things.

A Topic channel is automatically formed when your music is uploaded to the YouTube Music promotion streaming service. These are generic channels that start with the name of the artist and end with “-Topic.” The videos that an artist uploads to YouTube for each song they’re released aren’t actually videos; instead, they’re static images of the artwork that include the track name, album name, and artist name. These are known as “Art Tracks” on YouTube.

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