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5 Ways to Save on Wedding

Your wedding is supposed to be the most eventful day of your life. It is a day when you start a new segment of your life with your loved one. You must enjoy the whole process of getting there but not worry about overspending. Planning the perfect wedding does not necessarily mean that it will blow away your savings. In this article, we will help you plan the ideal event yet help save on a wedding.

Let’s begin with the simple fact that this day is supposed to be special for you. You must know your priorities, as pleasing a large crowd you don’t even know properly would only put a dent in your savings. Make a list of what you want and share the details with your partner, keeping in mind to stay well within the budget.

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Book in Advance

We all have that perfect place in our minds to tie the knot. The wedding venue and photographer need to be reserved well in advance. Make sure to do this at least six months before the actual day.

Also, consider doing it during weekdays. The mere act of not having the actual event on Sunday can help save on the wedding. The site fee, catering, flowers, and photography services cost less on other days of the week.

New and up-coming photographers charge less, seek for the emerging talent to go easy on the budget.

The Invites

The invitation to your wedding need to be classy yet affordable. Choose the card stock and design wisely. You can use a thicker card for the invitation, while the insert cards can be 1-ply paper. You can opt for going for the less-expensive printing. In this way, you could save on wedding like around $700 for every 100 invitations.

Dress Shopping

Your dream wedding dress needs not to be something that comes out of a treasure box. A beautiful vintage piece that you find at your local thrift store or the back of your grandma’s closet might be a perfect choice. We advise you not to splurge on an article of clothing you will never be wearing ever again.

Some stores even include the accessories that go with the dress as complementary. Always keep an eye open for trunk shows or local designers.


The catering and ambiance are something everyone would remember. Try booking yourself a caterer from the suburbs as they are usually less expensive but serve the best food. Plan a menu that is delectable while being within your means.  You can plan a menu that could help you save on the wedding.


Saving at your wedding does not mean that you should throw out your dream wedding. Plan wisely and act well before time to overpay for services. The funds that you and your partner save from spending at the wedding can use them for something else that would benefit you and your partner.

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