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6 Awesome Features of UroChart in 2022

One of the greatest challenges of running a healthcare practice is finding the medical software solution that best fits your needs. Medical facilities have to deal with loads of patient data on a daily basis; managing that using traditional paper-based methods is a huge hassle. One top-rated EMR product that has been designed to help urology practices improve workflow efficiency and automate workflows is UroChart EMR. 

This electronic health recording solution can help you make the most out of your time so you can deliver the best patient care possible. Providers who use UroChart often share their experiences to give potential customers an idea about the software. Here, we did the work for you to give you a comprehensive overview of the features that have received multiple positive mentions from users. Continue reading to learn more!  

UroChart EMR – An overview  

Developed by IntrinsiQ, UroChart EMR is a comprehensive medical software solution for urology practices. The software helps practitioners automate day-to-day tasks, enhancing their workflow efficiency and overall revenue collection. It includes a urology-specific interface that does not require staff members to waste valuable time creating content from scratch or searching for urology forms. UroChart is well-received by users and helps them manage daily patient data efficiently.   

The software comes with a number of useful features that facilitate users in various ways. Insurance eligibility checks, easy navigation options, patient portal, telemedicine, electronic medical records, and multi-user accessibility – it’s all there. Moreover, it allows users to utilize customizable templates to manage patient records and charting. Providers can replace widgets and formats according to their needs.   

Top EMR features mentioned in reviews  

We thoroughly studied the available information from UroChart software reviews to identify the top-rated features. Listed below are features that received perfect-starred reviews from users.   

Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS)

The biggest concern most urologists face is ensuring the utmost trust and security for their patients. UroChart makes this task easier for them by preventing abuse of controlled substances. It helps providers prevent fraud to ensure full information security. They can create and share prescriptions online with chosen pharmacies and easily keep track of everything. This saves users a huge deal of time so they can focus on what matters the most – patient care.   

Mobile support  

UroChart mobile EHR technology helps providers access healthcare information from multiple locations. They can carry their software with them in their pocket and control everything remotely. The mobile app offers enough flexibility to let doctors review all of their schedules with just a single touch. Users can also use the UroChart mobile app to manage hospital round lists, manage patient visits, and connect with their patients using the messaging option. In addition, the app facilitates communication with primary physicians, secure access to the patient records, and integration with the main systems. It even automatically syncs the data so users can access the most updated information.  

Patient Portal  

This EHR software solution comes with a robust patient portal that enables patients to participate more actively throughout their care process. It connects patients with their providers on a remote basis, meaning they don’t have to show up to the clinic for every small concern. Patients can also use the portal to schedule their appointments, communicate with providers, request prescription refills, view their health records, and access lab results. Moreover, it includes a built-in messaging tool that further facilitates communication. The patient portal feature is one of the most highly appreciated aspects of this urology-specific software solution.  


Healthcare providers require powerful communication technology to deliver the most secure and reliable remote services to their patients. UroChart’s telehealth solution makes secure virtual communication with patients a breeze. It allows doctors to deliver remote care sessions from any place with just a few clicks. This option is ideal for patients who have difficulty traveling because of certain health conditions or long distances. They can get instant care from the comfort of their homes via mobile device or computer. UroChart reviews also confirm that this feature helps lower costs and gives easy access to specialists.   

Appointment scheduling  

The urology-specific EMR software offers a flexible scheduling tool that helps practice staff manage daily appointment schedules and automate the entire scheduling process. This tool syncs the daily calendar to help users schedule, cancel, or reschedule patient visits without any hassle. It also helps users significantly reduce no-shows by sending automated appointment reminders to patients via email or phone. What’s more, the tool improves the practice’s overall revenue collection and capacity. Seamlessly automated appointment scheduling process facilitates providers in improving the daily capacity of patients that show up to their clinics. 

Customizable EHR templates  

UroChart EHR offers a multitude of pre-designed templates that help streamline the patient charting and diagnosis process. It includes more than 350 urology diagnosis templates and around 65 patient forms. All of these are completely customizable so you may adjust them according to your specific requirements.   

What do users say about Uro EMR?  

UroChart EMR software has received multiple positive mentions from urologists. Several users have shared their experiences on different websites. This medical software solution is designed specifically for urology clinics. UroChart reviews suggest that it offers an aesthetically pleasing and intuitive interface that helps users in elevating practice efficiency and developing a modern urology practice. It is easy to navigate and makes searching for patient information a piece of cake. Overall, urologists feel that this EMR product gives them all the tools they require to navigate patient care in the most efficient manner.    

Wrapping up  

Now that you have learned about the top-rated features of UroChart EMR, you can utilize them to improve your practice efficiency. We also suggest you read through other reviews, compare its features, and request a demo to get a clearer picture of how this software can help you in the long run. For more information, visit FindEMR and get in touch with our team of experts.  

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