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Top 2 EHR Software Solutions: Cerner EMR vs Kareo EHR

EHR software, on the surface, is simply software that replaces a manual filing system, but these programs offer so much more than that. These days, you can achieve a lot of things using Cerner EMR systems. You may handle anything from processing insurance claims to enabling clients to arrange their own sessions.

We’ll educate you about two significant companies in the area of EMR systems in this article. Cerner EMR and Kareo EMR Both of these programs have a huge customer base and have been around for a long time. If you’ve been looking for EHR program that fits your demands, we’re sure you’ve come across the names of both of these programs due to their popularity.

Cerner EMR

The first software out of the two that we are going to talk about is Cerner EHR. Cerner EHR is an outstanding EHR software that was founded in 197. The software has been winning hearts for the past 40 years and has made its way to the top. The main aim of the software is to reach every professional and provide them with the right information and guide to run a smooth practice. The main goal of any EHR software is to make sure the practice is running smoothly and efficiently. Cerner EHR aims to do exactly that and more! In this piece, we are going to talk about the top Cerner EHR features. Furthermore, we’ll also be covering Cerner EHR pricing and Cerner EHR reviews. Let’s start with Cerner EHR features. 

Top Features of Cerner EMR Software

Patient Portal

The very first feature that we would like to highlight in Cerner EHR Software is their Client Portal. Having a decent Patient Portal is extremely important for any EHR software to have and it has also become a basic requirement of any medical practice. With a good Patient Portal like Cerner EHR, half of the administration duties are taken care of. Patients are given the authority over their own healthcare. 

This particular feature allows your clients to schedule their own appointments. Moreover, it lets them check their lab reports as well as keep a check on the progress. Cerner EHR softwares patient portal helps you with improving patient engagement majorly. 

Remote Access

Another great aspect of this system that many customers notice, even after simply checking out the Cerner EMR demo, is the ability to use it online. Cerner is housed on distant servers that may be reached using the Cerner web or mobile app, allowing you to use the software from any location. This functionality lets you to operate the program while on the run, which is really convenient. Altogether, this software offers a great degree of flexibility, which is precisely what you’ll be looking for. If you’re searching for ease, Cerner EMR could be able to help you out.

Customizable Templates

The built-in template capability is the final advantage we’d like to highlight about Cerner. This tool lets you to pick from a variety of template alternatives and then personalize them completely. This will assist you in obtaining a template that will be ideal for whichever your goals are!

Cerner Software Reviews and Pricing

If we talk about Cerner EMR cost, that is one thing that customers absolutely love about it. Cerner EHR pricing is very inexpensive compared to other software like Kareo EHR. The software pricing starts from $25 per month, per provider as per research. As for the Cerner EHR reviews, the software got a very positive response. The average rating of the software is 3.7 out of 5 stars


When we talk about EHR Software solutions, one software that we can not ignore is Kareo EHR. Kareo EHR is one name that has been popular ever since the time it was launched. Founded in 2004, the software has been a top choice for thousands of physicians. The software deals with several thousand patients and physicians overall. If you are looking for a decent software solution with countless benefits, we would definitely recommend you to check out Kareo EHR. Kareo has multiple features that we would like to highlight, however, we will only talk about the top 3 so let’s get started!

Top Features of Kareo EHR

Patient Portal

Like Cerner EHR, Kareo EHR is also very well known for its Patient Portal. Patient portal capabilities are extremely beneficial and practical for both you and your clients as discussed above. This is due to the fact that this function enables you to give clients authority over their care alongside you. Clients can use the gateway to make their own consultations, check their schedules, connect with you, and much more. As a result of all of this, you will have fewer management responsibilities than you would have normally!


Assessing how your medical facility is performing is vital because it is also a profession and an income stream. Kareo EHR’s analytics function allows you to see where you rank and how you’ve performed in the past. The program also enables you to see what weak points there are, giving you the opportunity to correct and straighten them up before something bad happens!

Telehealth solutions

The telehealth functionality is another element that makes the Kareo cost worthwhile. This function enables you to hold interactive virtual meetings with your clients. This helps you to make meetings with clients who might normally be unable to come into your office due to region, injury, or any other reason! This function was extremely useful during Covid-19 since it allowed doctors to make client sessions even if their area was under a shutdown.

Kareo EHR Pricing and Review

According to Kareo EHR Reviews, the users seem to be very happy with the software. The average rating of the software is 4 out of 5 stars which is pretty decent. As for the pricing, Kareo EHR pricing has not been published by the vendor. However, if you want to know Kareo EHR pricing, visit FindEMR. 

Final Thoughts! Which software is better? 

After all the information, you must be wondering which software should you pick for your practice. To be honest, it all relies on you and your requirements. We recommend that you investigate both of these programs and select the one that has the most elements that cater to you and meet your demands.

Before you subscribe to the system, we recommend that you request a demo. So, for example, requesting a Cerner EMR demo will offer you a better understanding of whether or not this program is compatible with your requirements, allowing you to make a more informed decision!

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