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6 Street Style Fashion from Italy :- Fabriclore

Floral prints have long been associated with the street style fashion industry.  It is very common with youth and urban culture yet it has not emerged from the studio but has grassroot in streetwear.  Street style got so much popularity within a short span of time and denim fabric demand is also a result of this fashion style.  But do you know there are some latest street trends that are highly inspired by Italy.

 Floral Print which have become so famous are trendy in Milan. So let’s explore other trendy street style fashion trends.

Floral print

Already in March, during the women’s fashion shows in Milan and Paris, certain outfits in the manner of the flower power movement were spotted on the street; they paired well with the hippie style of the 1970s.

 The streets at the Italian menswear presentations were also heavily influenced by floral motifs, but these pieces made no overt references to any one subculture. The chamomile blooms on the bright pink blouses were one example, but other examples included abstract graffiti flowers and images from nonfiction books.

 The flowery shirts, coats, and suits are the focal points of the outfits, therefore the designers chose to pair them with understated accessories and other garments to avoid competing with them.

Shirt of surfers

Again, flowers are a hit, much like hula dancers in Hawaii, and they find a home on t-shirts that celebrate the United States and have a surfing motif.

Shirts with bright designs that look great undone provide a festive air and may stand alone as a fashion statement for a more laid-back take on a formal ensemble. It goes nicely with a variety of bottoms, including wide-leg jeans and, of course, Bermuda shorts for the full surfer look, or dark flared pants for a 1970s feel. The summertime ensemble is finished off with a pair of sporty sunglasses and some jewellery.

Sailors and sea dogs

Nautical styles are riding this summer’s fashion wave, characterised by striped blue-and-white and red-and-white t-shirts and flags with nautical themes like anchors, mermaids, and ships, as worn by the sailors of French fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier.

The fishing cap, a staple of outdoor clothing that has just crossed over into the realm of streetwear, is the perfect complement. The use of knotted scarves is another effective strategy for gaining an advantage.


Accessories that can’t be missed: scarves

The Italian knotted scarf is not only a necessity for seafarers on the seven seas; it is a fashion statement in its own right. Both young and elderly tourists wore this item when visiting Florence and Milan. It was worn both loose in the front, Boy Scout style, and tight in the rear, side, and front.

The fashionable scarf provides vital sun protection on the neck. And it can also be worn covertly or as a statement item with a variety of designs and colours. You can paired with everything from sweater vests to shirts.

Military coat

There is a clear emphasis on uniforms this season like the prevalence of military coats, and Boy Scout scarves. Particularly popular were baggy coats and rolled-up sleeves on solid-colored shirts. The camouflage design itself is a harmonious blend of green, beige, and brown. Thus these colours are the ones that stand out most.

This style includes aviator sunglasses and headwear like peaked caps and hats. It is a little disconcerting given the ongoing civil turmoil in Ukraine.

DIY and punk styles

Those that make their own modifications have considerably more of a personal flair. On the other side, those who stick to the standard outfits are less flair. Used materials are repurposed and partly reconstructed with the use of tools like rivet guns, pins, needle and thread. When set against the more subdued black and white staples like pants and t-shirts, the silver accents really pop.

Punks populate the streets with this style. English designers like Vivienne Westwood and the London group Fashion East have introduced it to the runways. The style, however, is not only seen in stores this season; it has also been showcased on the catwalk. During Paris Fashion Week, Natasha Zinko, Ukrainian designer, showed off outfits that included prominent usage of safety pins and studs.


 From floral print, military jackets, scarves to punk styles are some latest trends of street style fashion. These styles you can easily adopt from Italy. Further, you can design them as per your choice. Street style fashion is not mere fashion choices but present comfort. It gives a sense of carelessness about the world around you. You can buy wholesale fabrics to craft something for yourself. And if you are looking for Wholesale Fabric Supplier  then try fabriclore. You can get any kind of fabric with fusion of modern prints such as checks, floral and many more.

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