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8 Tips to Building a Livable Living Room in Your Custom Home

Your home’s living room is where your whole family sits together to unwind and relax after a long and tiring day. The living room is basically the center of any house. Thus, in order to make it the ultimate destination of your custom home, there are numerous tips and tricks you should know.

This article is going to give you 8 tips to building a livable living room in your custom home by custom home builders Dallas, TX.

1- Plan

First and foremost, your whole custom home should start with a plan. It would be useless constructing your area and space if you don’t have a standard plan for it already. The foundation of your living room is going to be the ultimate vision and plan. 

If we talk about living rooms specifically, then you should plan out the space according to how many members there are in your family. Have a layout, and decide where your furniture is going to be laid out. 

This will help you decide how grand or spacious your living room is going to be. Then, you should plan out areas where you want to place sofas, or other comfort zones, in your living room. This again will depend entirely upon how many people there are in your family.

Moreover, it is also important to note that the meaning of ‘living’ is going to be different for every family. Does it mean you want to have media for entertainment in your living room? If this is true, then you should definitely consider adding an impressive TV unit to your custom home’s living room.

Therefore, the foundation of your living room is going to be the ultimate vision and plan.

2- Invest in comfortable seating

Custom homeowners and interior designers usually get too carried away by the styles and design of the living room, and what they don’t strain much upon is comfort, which is the primary idea of any living room.

As mentioned earlier, the number of sofas or other comfortable seating will depend entirely upon how many members there are in your family. This is because, for instance, if there are 6 members of your family, then adding only two 2-seater sofas would be inappropriate. 

Thus, invest in comfortable seating for your living room. Investing in comfortable sofas is a great idea, as your living room is an area where every member of the family finds comfort. This is the part of the house where we all rest and unwind after a long and tiring day, and spend the time with the rest of the family. Therefore, a living room should be comfortable for everyone, which is why it is highly crucial to invest in good, comfortable sofas.

3- Lighting

Your custom home should have adequate lighting. No one likes a very bright area that can give a person a headache, or too dim lighting which makes it impossible to look at things from a distance. Thus, if we talk about living rooms, consider having adjustable lighting. Your living room shouldn’t be too bright, nor dim, which is why you should consider adding several lamps to your space. By adding lamps, your loved ones will adjust lighting depending upon their preferences. Moreover, apart from having an aesthetic appeal, they will also help illuminate those certain areas where only some light is needed.

4- Rugs/ carpets

Homeowners don’t strain on rugs and carpets enough. Not only do these rugs and carpet provide comfort for our feet and ease to move around, but are also helpful in brightening up the place.

Rugs definitely help give a bold and contemporary look, and there are numerous rugs you can choose from that come in various materials, textures, patterns, and sizes. Thus, having different rugs or carpets each time will completely change the whole look of your living room, that too without doing much effort.

5- Centre tables

We’ve talked about sofas, TV units, and rugs, now let’s head over to tables. Tables are a necessity for any space. Apart from their obvious functionality and practicality, tables should be the focal point of any living room. You can add statement items on your table, which will definitely give your living room an aesthetic appeal, or even go for a simple coffee table- the choice is yours!

6- Cushions and pillows

We talked about sofas, and we cannot strain on cushions and pillows enough. Sure, sofas provide great comfort of their own. However, cushions can add that extra layer of comfort, making it an ideal area to relax. Moreover, going for different cushions of different patterns and colors can also change your entire sofa’s look. You don’t have to change the whole sofa if you get fed up with it, just add more different patterns or colored pillows, and you’re good to go!

7- Wall colors

The colors on your wall must compliment your living room. In other words, it must compliment your furniture and other aspects of your living room. You can go for dull wall colors if your living room’s furniture, such as sofas, and rugs are loud. Or, if your overall living room is mute, you can go for bold colors or textured wall paint. Moreover, you can even go for wallpapers to give a more contemporary feel to your custom home.

8- Expand your living room to the outdoors

When you’re done designing the layout of the inside of your living room, you should consider expanding your living room to the outdoors. This can be your terrace or backyard, where you and your family loved ones can easily make their way to the back yard or pool for a BBQ, or just to unwind outdoors. 

Therefore, this is when you should consider having adjacent covered porches, outdoor kitchens, BBQ, and even outdoor fireplaces to add more comfort and fun to your custom home. Just remember to add adequate space for moving inside and outside of your living room, by adding entrance doors.


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