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9 Eye-Catching Wall Clocks for Living Room

Regardless of the onset of mobile phones, few things never lose their charm. Wall Clock for Living room and alarm clocks look dazzling as always. Their love never fades away and even prospers time and again. Unlike mobile phones, these do not require regular updating. Moreover, their simplicity allows us to maintain elegance. While running on batteries, they remain the same for years. Also, a wall clock for the living room defines personality. These give the spectators an allusion to subjective thoughts. Though the functional appeal didn’t transform, designs changed dramatically.

Significance of Designer Wall Clock for Living Room

  • Besides keeping time, designer wall clocks define statement quotient. Mounting a unique wall clock in the living room provides a different look. A large wall clock, unlike other accessories, steals the show effortlessly. Also, these confer an opportunity to transform the otherwise dull walls.
  • A mindfully selected wall clock for the living room leaves a forever impression. A flawlessly matched wall clock in the living room leaves the spectators surprising. Not just it features a style statement but, gives a quick makeover.
  • The limitless variety in wall clocks allows effortless selection. The majority of newly-built homes are decorated as per themes. Different wall clocks provide an opportunity to elect mindfully. Antique wall clocks in wooden and metal are easy to pair. Selecting a wall clock for the living room is no less than choosing a painting. The modern decorative styles compensate for other wall hangings. For example, different wall clocks in a row create a statement and display royalty.

Harmonizing with the current trends, Wallmantra brings a variety of decorative clocks. Designed intricately by expert designers, these showcase modishness. While instilling a cozy ambiance, the unique designs look sophisticated. We have come up with a collection of Wall Clocks for the Living room. These pieces reflect that being old school sometimes isn’t a bad idea.

Elegant Golden Flower Metal Wall Clock

Furnishings that confer subtleness not just define status but last long. This modish wall clock for the living room is a classy piece. The golden color with minimalistic design looks beautiful on dark background. Made of superior quality metal, it is the show-stealer. Also, the finishing of the flower in the center is to be dying for. It makes any space stand out smoothly.

Vintage Modern Round Metal Wall Clock

The love for vintage furnishings is forever. Despite the accessibility of limitless designs, they never go out of trend. This vintage wall clock for the living room is the best-selling piece. Its round shape reflects simplicity with a style quotient. Looking amazingly stunning in light backgrounds, it adds a royal touch. An ideal piece for homes, offices, and café, it is worth buying.

Roman Number Decorative Wall Clock

The look defined by roman numbers in the wall clock is unparalleled. This black wall clock for the living room matches easily with almost every theme. The combination of a simple look with bold numbers is unbeatable. It measures 33 cm in diameter and has a silent movement. Also, the efficient material used stays the same forever.

Covering Golden Petals Metal Wall Clock

Not just a wall clock, this piece works as a designer wall hanging. The metal petals covering the corners look stunningly beautiful. Also, measuring 24 inches, it covers the bare walls smoothly. The contemporary look makes it a class apart. Acting as a statement quotient, it creates a cosy environment.

Premium Mirror Big Wall Clock

This giant wall clock for the living room serves a dual function. With the mirror in the background, it keeps time. The subtle wooden edges, while displaying a modern look, bestows simplicity. Besides giving an illusion of height, it defines the room. 100% handcrafted using a transparent matte finish, the clock measures 46 cm.

Encircled Color Platte Metal Wall Clock

Have you ever seen a combination of roman numbers and mathematical figures? Made of resilient metal, an alluring wall clock for the living room is a style quotient. The pastel color palette complements light-colored walls beautifully. Measuring 24 inches, this piece stands out among many.

Classic Black Metal Wall Clock

This resilient metal wall clock soaked in black and golden hues suits contemporary homes. The minimalistic pattern appears fresh and innovative. The subtle golden dial in the center not just looks charismatic but unique. An ideal gifting option for housewarmings, it is affordable.

Hexagon Chic Golden Metal Wall Clock

Minimalism in furnishings never goes out of style. The dark-themed home often requires something chic and irreplaceable. This hexagon wall clock appears delicate, albeit long-lasting. The center placement of the piece smoothly adds inimitability. Measuring 24 inches, it is ideal for living room, bedroom or study.

Classic Blue and Golden Ornate Metal Wall Clock

Finding such convoluted designs in wall clocks is arduous. This piece stands a class apart and defines radiance. The gorgeous embellished pattern with blue and golden hues complements any space. Whenever you install this, it immediately becomes a focal point. Polished to a glossy shine, it measures around 36 inches.

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