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An Indian Event Management Company in Dubai’s Free Zone: How to Get Started

All businesses start with careful preparation that includes making critical financial choices and completing numerous legal tasks. To be a successful entrepreneur, one must thoroughly examine all aspects of a Start Company In Dubai, from profits and losses to the laws and regulations in place in the nation. Known as the world’s financial capital, Dubai is an excellent place for Indian investors to do business.

A description for an event management firm in Dubai as a company advertising and executing its own events or a company hired to create and manage events for third parties.

How to Start Up a Dubai-based Event Management Firm

For the most part, you’ll need to figure out what kind of events you can arrange in this industry, whether you’re looking to host an enormous gathering or an intimate gathering of a few hundred people.

Choosing a business activity and a location for your event management company in Dubai are the first steps in FreeZone Company Formation UAE.

Free Zone:

Choosing the correct free zone for your event management firm is the first step when it comes to Set Up Business In Dubai Free Zone.

In the United Arab Emirates, event management businesses have set up shop in free zones, including Fujairah Creative City and the Dubai World Center.

If you’re creating a firm in the United Arab Emirates’s free zones, you don’t need a local sponsor, and you’ll control 100% of the company. There are, however, restrictions on the events and exhibits, can hold in free zone enterprises. Businesses operating in the UAE free zone must get permits from each location they do business with.


There is no difference between a Start Company In Dubai in a free zone and on the mainland. You may, however, apply directly to the DED for an Event Management License instead of using a free zone authority.

You need to apply once to the UAE’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) to participate in events around the country.

Do You Need a Free Zone Event Management Licence to Participate in the Following Activities?

Activities That Are Allowed

  • Events such as galas, award ceremonies, conferences, product launches, workshops and other business-related gatherings may all be planned and promoted.
  • Only those attending the Event should begin making hotel reservations since hotel bookings have a solid and direct connection to the Event.
  • Encourage and promote the sale of Event tickets.

Activities That Are Not Permitted

  • Doing civil or construction engineering work.
  • To put it another way, trading is what we do (also include import and export of products).
  • Training Programs.
  • Activities of a Talent Agency.
  • Management of a venue.
  • Begin and sponsor activities without the permission of the proper authorities.

Tips for Organizing a Successful Event in Dubai by an Event Management Company

  • Organizing and Preparation

In Dubai, an event management firm will build the groundwork for a successful gathering.

Making sure you understand the fundamentals will help you get the best from your FreeZone Company Formation UAE. Accurate expectations should be accompanied by research goals that might become your trademark in the future.

  • Transportation Plan

It’s important to remember this. The initial impression may be made effectively by the way an event is transported.

Keeping traffic and individual transportation in sync is critical in crowd control, for example.

  • Consistency

All venues should have the same operating plans and rules in place. The employees should instruct treat all visitors equally, regardless of their level of status when you’re going to start a company In Dubai Free Zone.

  • The Ability to Adapt

Even at the last minute, the attendance, the cuisine, and the program schedule may be subject to modification. Prepare yourself and your resources to meet any new challenges that may come your way. In this circumstance, the training of personnel will be beneficial.

  • Performing a Background Check

A few days before the event, the event manager or other firm personnel should go through the execution plan with investors, speakers, visitors, and other team members.

At least 24 hours before the event, double-check all plans and confirm the location and transportation arrangements.

  • Preparation for Security

The most critical aspects of any event management program in Dubai Freezone Company Setup are transportation and security.

Depending on the kind of event, you’ll need to make plans for the appropriate levels of security. The security arrangements for a high-profile event may alter at the last minute, so keep this in mind while planning your event.

Making services available for an event management firm in Dubai to a more significant number of people. The organization takes a distinctive approach to each customer, and the demands of each are meet uniquely in Dubai Freezone Company Setup.

When it comes to throwing a good party, proper preparation and administration are the two most important factors to consider. It is common for individuals to experience tension when they will not plan the correct activities. That is why event management firms are called upon to assist them in resolving their problem.


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