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Android Phone Microphone Problem and How to Fix

 Androids are the most commonly used phones throughout the world along with iPhones. The reason why androids are so popular is because of the price at which they are available. These phones and Phone Repair are extremely budget-friendly and therefore, easy to get our hands-on.

 Being a budget-friendly phone comes with its cons. A major con of android phones is the sudden microphone problems that come out of nowhere. Getting constant phone microphone repair can get very frustrating! 

 But the frustration is so much more when the mic starts causing problems during the most crucial times, like a meeting or an interview! The way to point out any issue with your mic is the presence of static.

 Static is nothing but a buzzing sound that can annoy you because of the sound and the person who you are talking to because they cannot hear your voice. At this time, a cell phone repair near me is the easiest option you could think of.

Reasons why your android is having a microphone problem

 There can be so many reasons for the issue of static or absolute silence from your microphone in an Android phone.

  •  If you have a broken phone or have recently dropped it unintentionally, the reason that the microphone is not working is pretty clear.

  •  One more reason for the phone’s mic not working is because it fell in water accidentally or something fell on it. 

  •  Another known reason why your microphone suddenly stopped working is that there is a glitch in some software.

  •  Or it could be that the hardware is malfunctioning due to some defect. Some third-party apps can also cause the mic to stop functioning.

 These home DIYs can help you get your mic working again without having to go to Mobile Junction to get your phone repaired. 

The traditional way

The most well-known and useful way to fix a mic or pretty much any issue in your android is to restart the phone. All you need to do is press the power button and select the switch off option. Let the phone rest for half a minute and switch it on again.

Be it a mic issue or even a phone screen repair or Cell Phone Repair,

restarting your phone helps a lot of times. If this does not work for your phone, you can try the next possible way to fix the mic of your phone.

Try to clean the microphone

If you ever notice, you will find out that a lot of dust has been collected in the hole that is nothing but your microphone. It does look quite gross but it could be a major reason why your microphone is not working.

A quick way to clean up your microphone is by using a safety pin. Take a pin and use the pointed end to clean the gunk out of the microphone hole. There is a high chance that your issue will be resolved by merely cleaning that hole.

Get rid of the noise reduction

All the newest models of all android phones now come with a feature of ‘noise reduction’. This feature is meant to cancel any external disturbances while on a phone call so that the communication happens smoothly.

Sometimes, this noise reduction cancels the main microphone’s noise too. Resulting in the microphone not working at all. so, if you have the noise cancellation turned. On and a non-functioning microphone, try turning the feature off and check the mic again.

Third-party apps

Some apps have certain features which might affect the software or even hardware of your phone. These apps cause hindrance to the proper functioning of your phone.

Get rid of these apps and check your mic again. There is a chance that it will function properly now.


 Before going for a Cell Phone Repair, check out the list of reasons why your mic is facing a problem and also the list of how you can solve the problem at home! If none of these tips works. The chances are that your mic is having a hardware issue and needs to be replaced. For this, contact the service centre of your android brand and they will get it replaced for you.

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