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Bhrigu Lake Trek – Best Weekend Trek in Himachal Pradesh

It is said to be the spot where Maharishi Bhrigu, the great saint, sat in intense meditation. However, we believe that the lake is not the main attraction on the walk. The meadows of Bhrigu Lake are a must-see. In our nation, getting into an alpine meadow usually requires at least a day or two of trekking within the treeline. 

However, within the first 10 minutes of this trip, you will be in the meadows. The Bhrigu Lake trek’s meadows spread far and wide, almost like an endless carpet. When you emerge from the trees, the grazing sheep gaze up, almost as though greeting you. This is your heavenly garden. The meadows are at their most lush green in the months of July to September. Wildflowers can be found in abundance.

The meadows change texture, form, and color as you progress along the trail, but they remain with you until you reach Bhrigu Lake. This is what distinguishes the journey. It’s a unique opportunity to hike through such alpine meadows the entire way.

We examine a variety of elements when determining the difficulty of a hike. These include the amount of altitude gained each day, the length of the walk each day, the highest altitude, the terrain, and the weather. We grade a journey as easy, challenging, or somewhere in between based on this. Bhrigu Lake trip is a moderate trek with a difficulty level ranging from simple to difficult, based on the preceding criteria. In just four days, you may go from Manali, which is at an altitude of 6,725 feet, to 14,009 feet. The hike to the lake is a steady incline. 

This trek will require at least 4 weeks of thorough preparation. To enhance your cardio, you can start by going for brisk walks and subsequently brisk jogs. By the time you begin the walk, you should be able to comfortably traverse 5 kilometers in 37 minutes.

Best Time to do this Trek

Bhrigu Lake is a high-altitude journey that may be completed in about four months. During your final trek to Bhrigu Lake in May, there will be a lot of snow. This makes getting to the water difficult. Between June and September is the best time to walk to Bhrigu Lake. Even during this window, which begins in mid-June, the terrain changes colour and texture.

Bhrigu Lake trek in June

It is a fairly short season when the journey opens for the summer in June. Expect snow patches on the ground despite the fact that it is June.At your upper camps, expect cold nights. During the night, the temperature can dip to below zero, but it usually stays between 1 and 5 degrees Celsius. The journey is normally fairly pleasant throughout the day, with temperatures averaging 15-20° C. When the sun sets behind the clouds and rain falls, the temperature might drop to roughly 10° C.

Bhrigu Lake in July and August

Monsoons are expected to arrive in July. While on the route or at the campsites, be prepared for rain. Keep your ponchos handy because it can rain at any time, and it usually does. For a rainy hike, you’ll also need to pack differently. More information on this can be found here. Temperatures are roughly the same as they were in July, with cloud cover lowering the temperature to 10° C. However, as September approaches, the sky clears and the temperatures begin to cool.

Bhrigu Lake in September

The monsoon season ends early to mid September. The sky is the clearest blue you’ve ever seen, and there’s virtually little danger of rain. As we get closer to the winter months of October and ahead, expect a 3-5° C drop in temperature every couple of weeks.

Safety on Bhrigu Lake – Terrain wise

  1. Before stepping on snow on a snow-covered track in June, make sure your microspikes are on. Slips are very common in hard snow. 
  2. During the months of July and August, when it rains a lot, the trail becomes muddy and slushy; be cautious of the slushy areas, which are quite slippery. If you slip on these areas, you will fall and suffer serious injuries, especially on the narrow sections of the meadow with a deep valley below.
  3. Chances of getting lost: The track frequently retreats into the meadows. If you are unfamiliar with the area, it is very dangerous to hike alone to Bhrigu Lake.
  4. Descend from Vashisht: This is the more popular path, but it’s tough on your knees because you’ll be dropping about 4,000 feet in one go.

Safety on Bhrigu Lake – Altitude wise

The Bhrigu Lake trip is a steep ascent. As a result, camping at Jonker Thatch is recommended to let your body adjust to the difference in air pressure. Pay great attention to your body if you’re aiming to complete this trek in one day. 

Safety on Bhrigu Lake -Weather wise

Weather has a huge part in whether or not you’ll be safe on a trip, especially because the Bhrigu Lake walk takes place during monsoon season. Here are several weather-related difficulties that may affect your Bhrigu Lake excursion. Some of the most common portions can become extremely slick.

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