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Brightcove OTT Review & Alternative Platforms to Consider in 2021

Brightcove – What it is

Brightcove is one of the earliest and largest streaming OTT platforms and has encouraged a lot of options that are more efficient in terms of features and capability. It’s a SAAS-based model with increased payouts when taking into consideration for a longer time period. It presents its own exclusive HTML5 player, video hosting, live streaming features, OTT solution services, and marketing automation integration which enables film and TV content to be seen on the internet.

Brightcove – Important Features

  •     Monetizing Video Content via Multiple Revenue Models
  •     Content Streaming and Management with the help of Scalable Cloud Servers
  •     Advanced and High-Powered CDN for Quick Content Delivery & Distribution
  •     Customizability-focused SAAP Model Streaming Platform
  •     AI-powered Recommendation Engine to support Content Discoverability
  •     Brightcove’s powerful analytics pack permits real-time player-load tracking, the number of plays, the minutes of viewing, percentage of viewed content, old/new/individual viewer information, domain identification, attention span information, search terms, geographic data, and traffic sources. The company’s analytics incorporates Google Analytics and Adobe platforms.
  •     The video content can be arranged for SEO objectives.
  •     The company’s video player gives consumers the functionality to go ahead with a few ad blockers. Customers have full control over the existence or non-existence of ads in the videos. Brightcove’s ad integration backs IAB video advertising standards VMAP, VAST, and VPAID and makes room for mid, pre, and post-roll ads together with partners and overlays.
  •     Brightcove provides a video library tool also, which can search, arrange and organize videos.

Brightcove – Pricing Plans

The pricing starts at $199 on – monthly basis and usually needs a yearly contract, but there are options for a credit card which is available with the Starter plan. Pricing depends on video plays and packages. There is a free 30-day trial which can be opted for. 

The Top 3 Brightcove Alternative OTT Platforms

Enlisted below are some Brightcove alternative options for you to choose from the best OTT platform here

1. VPlayed


This is a personalized or customizable SAAP model streaming tool and is highly acclaimed for its functionalities set which can be used for platform-building for audio or video streaming, OTT platform providers assistance, live streaming, and live linear TV. With a committed team of engineers, VPlayed is a class apart for its customization features and support of development. It is among the best alternative to Brightcove.


  • VPlayed Offers much more in terms of flexibility and revenue
  • They creates a highly scalable video platform online which presents customization not just for unimportant features such as player themes.
  • The backend dashboard of the content creator can be created to understand the trends and performance.
  • Powerful security technologies which have a single sign-on. Parental control, screen recording prevention, and AES encryption
  • HLS player with user experience with proven improvisations.
  • Revenue models include Pay-per-view, server-side ad insertion, third-party ad integration, TVOD, SVOD, and AVOD.


VPlayed cost/pricing is available in the plans given below:

  •     Free Trial
  •     Quote-Centric Plan – You have to get in touch with the vendor for this

2. Kaltura

Kaltura OTT Platform

Kaltura is one of the best open source OTT platform that offers specialized streaming solution to the educational sectors. It has a tools suite linked to video editing, creation, sharing, close captioning, mobile app, hot spots and video quizzes, lecture capture, and uploading. This is one of the top alternatives, to Brightcove.


  •     Auto-captioning
  •     Video quizzing
  •     Webcam recording
  •     Narrate PowerPoint recordings
  •     Computer screen recording
  •     Edit captions
  •     Student, instructor, and staff access
  •     Co-owner/Co-author
  •     Video editing after recording
  •     Related files attached


  •     Free Trial Available – $200 Credits for 2 months
  •     Discount Annually – Yearly Packages. Contact the Sales Team for this.
  •     AWS Packages – Use Your AWS Credits. Buy from AWS Marketplace

3. JW Player

JW Player OTT Platform

One of the earliest entrants in the digital video domain, JW Player has advanced and matured. Their customers are an exclusive list that includes Viacom, Amazon Web Services, BBC, Fast Company, and PBS. 


  •     Automatic optimization
  •     Storage capacity of 50 videos which enhances with cost
  •     Bandwidth starts at 15,000 plays every month
  •     The company offers HLS, JavaScript, API, multi-bitrate HD encoding, video gallery option, and password-protected sharing as an important part of its basic package. Buyers of its enterprise and business packages get VAST/VPAID advertising support, video player bidding, ad-enabled mobile SDKs, and Google IMA integration, scheduling, and advanced.
  •     General analytics are provided to customers who buy the Starter version of JW Player. Those who choose enterprise and other expensive packages get real-time custom reporting which proves how content performs on several platforms. JW Player’s systems incorporate Adobe, Conviva, Google Analytics, Nielsen, and Comscore.
  •     It is inclusive of a list of SEO protocols that can be used directly from the platform. Few companies offer automated transcription for SEO uses, JW assists users to load a shorter version of the video transcript.
  •     JW Player enables extensive customization which integrates with the appearance and feel of the website. It is one of the best Brightcove alternatives.


  •     30-day Free Trial Available
  •     Starter pack of $10 per month
  •     Custom prices for Businesses/Enterprises


Brightcove’s pricing plans are inclined with advanced and enterprise-level broadcasters. If you are a novice to broadcasting or handling a tight budget, it is a prudent choice to go for a Brightcove competitor. You can also have a Brightcove competitor comparison conducted online.

The alternatives mentioned in this article are all excellent options or an alternative to Brightcove. Post review and comparison of the best options and after you compare alternatives to Brightcove, it is suggested to enjoy the benefits of free trials to decide which choice works best for you.

Dwarakesh Babu

Dwarakesh is Video Monetization & OTT Platform Expert at CONTUS VPlayed. Interested in digging deep into video/audio streaming media tools and Love to blog, discuss and share views on the latest technologies tips, and tricks. He's also passionate about photography loves to capture the pure essence of life.

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