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Buy Hookah Online But Don’t Forget It’s All about the Heat

You can conveniently buy hookah online from your preferred smoke shop. Plus, you might also often discuss with your shisha friends about different shisha flavours and hookahs. You and your friends might consider the hookah styles and sizes to invest in hookah and smoke it. However, many people ignore what makes the hookah-smoking experience pleasant for them. It’s the charcoal that makes hookah smoking look pleasant to hookah smokers. 

How Does Charcoal Work for Hookah Smoking? 

You may sprinkle your hookah tobacco into the bowl. Then, wrap an aluminum foil around it loving and place the charcoal on the top. Afterward, charcoal will transfer the heat via the tobacco to fill your hookah base and enter your lungs. However, charcoal doesn’t function as simple as it may seem to hookah smokers. There are various types of charcoals you can invest in to relish the hookah-smoking experience through charcoal heat. Let us discuss some of the options you have to buy charcoal for hookah smoking:

Self-Lighting/Instant Charcoals:

You can buy any charcoal you want for hookah smoking. Nonetheless, one of the common options you have is instant charcoal from Three Kings. Self-lighting charcoals are convenient to use because you can light one through a Zippo in the wind. Possibly, you may light up this charcoal when it is raining. However, these charcoals might not suit you because of the chemicals they have to light up instantly. You may consider these charcoals if you want to enjoy smoking hookah conveniently in exchange for taste.   

Lemon-Wood or Olive-Based Logs of Charcoal:

Sometimes, this type of charcoal is termed natural coal. These charcoals burn cleanly and eliminate excessive coal flavours. These charcoals don’t light with a portable flame unless you have a Port-A torch in your glove compartment. Generally, one needs a stove-top and a short waiting period to light up lemon-wood or olive-based logs of charcoal. Nonetheless, you can experience a better taste if you prefer these for hookah smoking over instant charcoals.   

Charcoal Bricks:

Charcoal bricks or Egyptian coal are of lemon-wood ad resemble random shapes. These have a long heating period for an average electric stove. Thus, one might prefer a propane camp stove to light up these coals The smell of these coals can overcome the pleasant smells in your house. Therefore, you might think twice about deploying charcoal bricks for hookah smoking. Nonetheless, these coals provide flavourless heat with hookah smoking and burn quickly, so not suitable to clutter in your bowl. 

You may choose charcoals that suit you for hookah smoking besides the above options. You should consider purchasing coal for hookah for the same smoke shop where you buy hookah from for your convenience.


You can buy hookah online from an online smoke shop you prefer. Additionally, you and your friends may discuss shisha flavours or various hookahs while smoking hookah together. However, you shouldn’t forget that hookah smoking is all about the heat you generate via charcoal. Here are a few options you may consider to invest in charcoal for hookah smoking:

  • Instant charcoals from Three Kings
  • Lemon-wood or olive-wood logs of charcoal
  • Lastly, charcoal brocks. 

Shop Rite (https://www.shopritesmokeshop.ca/) is a smoking shop in Canada where you can buy smoking instruments, such as hookahs, pipes, bongs, and more at affordable rates.

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