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Can a Huawei WiFi Router Increase the speed

of the Home Network

The Huawei WiFi Router supports the WiFi speed of 150 Mbps and easilY works with your 4G LTE and 3G devices. You can enjoy a smooth wireless network. Also, it supports the 2D barcode connection and is accessed with the Huawei mobile app. It is your travel partner, works anywhere and anytime wherever you are. But one disadvantage is that it is not compatible with Canada, USA, and Mexico providers. It only supports Asia, Middle East, Europe, Africa, and so on country’s providers. Also, it provides a lag-free wireless experience so you can seamlessly enjoy music, videos, and movies, etc.

The Huawei WiFi Router can be used as a wifi hotspot. You need to add the SIM card inside the router and access a private hotspot connection without getting buffered. It has one more benefit, that only you can get the accessibility to use the internet connection. You enjoy the private internet connection at your home, hotel, restaurant, anywhere.

Hardware Installation and the Setup of the Huawei WiFi Router

As you know the Huawei WiFi Router is an affordable and cheap (in terms of price) product. Also, the design of the router looks impressive. Hence it provides great internet connection options. It comes with four high gain antennas and those antennas look like a giant spider lying on the router. You can use the Huawei mobile app for the Huawei router setup or use the web interface to do so. Let’s begin with the hardware installation of the Huawei wireless router.

Hardware Installation of the Huawei WiFi Router

For the hardware installation of the router. There are three types of application modes from which you can easily install the router on your own.

Router Mode

When you are using the WiFi router mode, establish the B311 router. Then it should be connected to your device using an ethernet port. It can be connected to a laptop, computer, or any mobile device. You can also use the WPS button for the wireless connection of the router with the device. It can be mostly used in hotels, small apartments, and houses for the stability of the network connection.

Repeater Mode

In the repeater mode, it is helpful to extend the access point’s signal coverage and establish a successful connection with the use of the WPS button. The router can be wirelessly connected with some of the devices like mobile phones and computers as well. It is mostly used in houses, big villas, large venues, etc.

Client Mode

While enabling the client mode for your router, make sure to press the WPS button and access point together. Mostly it is connected to the set-top boxes or computers with the help of the ethernet port and provides internet access to the client’s access points. It is mostly used at places where wireless internet connection is required the most, such as Internet TVs, multimedia players, and so on.

Power ON the button to set the IP address 

This is the last step in the hardware installation of the Huawei Router. First of all, power on the button of the router and make sure that the PC should be installed with the wireless adapter for the setting of the IP address to the router. Click on the Start button and tap on the control panel option. Now choose the Network and Internet option and then tap on the Network and Sharing Center. After that choose the change adapter settings option and move to the wireless connection setting option and select the properties option.

After that double click on the Internet protocol version to obtain the IP address of the PC. Now it will automatically provide you the DNS server address and you get the IP address of your computer.

Setup of the Huawei WiFi Router

The setup of the Huawei Router you can do manually. It has two methods from which you can complete the setup process of the router. It can be wirelessly or wired. From these connections, you can set up your Huawei Router in your home and office anywhere and anytime.

Wirelessly Setup of the Huawei Router

In this step, you can configure your router wirelessly on the windows of your computer. You can also use the network adapter to boost up the speed of the network connection. Before you begin the setup process, record the WLAN name of the router and the wifi password as well. In case you forget your wifi password and WLAN name, remember that it is printed on the label of the router. There are different methods for the different users from which you can set up the router. These methods are for Windows 7 users and Windows XP users.

For window 7 users: 

To establish a successful internet connection. Select the start option and tap on the control panel option and choose the network and internet option and select the connect or disconnect option. Now from the displayed WLAN list, select your wireless network. After that enter the WLAN password and click on the OK button.

From the wireless list, check the connection status of your router. If it shows connected then it’s done.

For Window XP users:

First of all, create a shortcut menu to view the available network wireless list. Now from the displayed network list, choose your WLAN connection and click on the connect button for the successful connection. Now enter your WLAN password and tap on the connect option. After that check the status of the connection that you set up using the WLAN connection and connect your computer wirelessly with your router.

Setup the Huawei Router using the WPS button

Press or hold the WPS button to set up the wireless connection. Select the network security mode WPA2-PSK or WPA-PSK/WPA2–PSK. Now with the help of your device, press the button on your device for two minutes or more than that. Now the WPS button starts blinking which indicates that you are ready to set up the router and after some time turn off the WPS button. 

Review of the Huawei WiFi Router

Here is the Huawei b311 router review. Users say that it is a great product with wonderfully high speed. As the installation is very easy, it is not too complicated. Simply connect to the browser and be ready to access the Huawei web page. It provides stability in the network connection and can boost the speed of the home network by connecting to the repeater and the access point.

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