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Custom Bath Bomb Boxes with Eco-friendly Packaging

Bath bombs are invented to facilitate the consumers in taking bath. It is basically a bathing product that is manufactured by a mixture of wet and dry ingredients that are molded in different shapes and then dried. Bath bombs are considered to add moisture to the skin and they have a good and sweet fragrance that provides a pleasant atmosphere while taking bath. Usually, the important ingredients added in the bath bomb include essential oils, moisturizers, fragrances, and artificial colors that make them more attractive to buyers. The bath bombs were first manufactured in 1989 by Lush Cosmetics. The product was named “Aqua Sizzlers” and then later it was changed to “Bath Bombs”.

How do Bath Bombs work?

Bath bombs work to release a considerable amount of citric acid when it is added to the water in the bathtub. As the name implies it bursts like a bomb inside the tub and releases the oil ingredients and fragrances added to it. The form of bubbles that fizz up during the burst looks fascinating. Bath bombs are also helpful to repair the damaged skin of the body and provide a smooth and silky appearance after bath. These have different shapes and colors that make the bath bombs look attractive. Bath bombs may also consist of skin-conditioning ingredients such as salts and different oils that provide a psychedelic blend to the bathwater and spread fragrance adding color to water.

What Kind of Packaging is Required for Bath Bombs?

Bath bombs are considered cosmetic products that are used for cleansing purposes and for beautifying the body. These products require custom boxes to keep them safe from dirt and dust. The custom bath bomb boxes are required to pack them safely and are designed beautifully with the highest quality of material used. The packaging must be versatile, unique, and creative. People can also demand some innovative packaging options and get custom boxes of their own choice. It has been considered usually that the bath bombs are packed tightly in plastic wraps after they have been dried. These plastic packs are then packed in beautiful packages of cardboard that provide protection to the bath bombs and keep the ingredients preserved in them so that the consumers may have a good experience while using the product.

Bath Bomb Labels and Boxes

            The labels of bath bombs must have useful information on them as the labels and logos should be explicit in the information mentioned on them including the precautionary measures and the ways to use the bath bomb must be elaborated completely. According to regulations of the FDA, the cosmetic products must have hygienic information on them and the guidelines should also be classified. The labels must also present information about the benefits of bath bombs including the skin effects.

The bath bomb labels on the packaging are limitless as they can be designed in any shape on the custom boxes according to the demand of customers. The size of custom boxes also varies concerning the number of bath bombs ordered. The different shapes of custom bath bomb boxes and labels can be:

  • Circular or Oval Shapes are preferred for cardboard or plastic packaging. If the customers demand the cloth bags, then pouches and wraps can also be customized in circular or oval shapes with logos. These shapes mostly look presentable when they have creative designs with colorful themes similar to bath bombs.
  • Rectangular or Square Shapes are usually in demand by the customers to pack the bath bombs in cardboard boxes. Or sometimes they ask for big jars, plastic cups, and metallic wraps as well. The rectangular and square labels have great information on the display and look decent on custom boxes.
  • The shapes of boxes and labels can also vary according to the preferences of customers other than circular or rectangular shapes.

Eco-Friendly Custom Boxes

            The eco-friendly custom boxes are in demand because the consumers are much more conscious about the weather effects and climate change. The use of eco-friendly materials such as recyclable cardboard. And plastic material can be used in the packaging and designing of custom boxes for the protection of bath bombs. The advantage of such custom boxes is based on promoting sustainability and keeping the environment safe from further deterioration. Bath bombs can be kept safer in eco-friendly boxes. As they would be protected from any kind of pollutants that can affect their quality. And aftereffects when added to the bathtub.

Colorful and Creatively Designed Custom Boxes

 The colors on the custom boxes play a vital role. As the bath bombs are manufactured with colorful blends as well. The color and themes used on the packaging must be appropriate. And according to the colors of the bath bombs inside. The graphics designed must follow the theme and should be attractive enough to fascinate the customers. The colors of bath bombs look blissful when they get in the water. The frizz and bubbles look elegant in bathtubs along with the fragrance that they spread. So, the custom boxes must also have colors similar to the bath bombs. That may present a smart look to the customers.

Why Bath Bombs Should Be Protected?   

The custom boxes used for bath bombs are necessary. Because they keep the texture of bath bombs safe and provide the bath bombs with protection from external pollutants. That may affect their quality and features. Bath bombs can only be used at once and harmful material in the packaging may affect the quality of bombs. In such cases, the packaging must be of high quality. Or the recyclable items used in packaging must also be fine enough to look tidy and beautiful. Bath bombs boxes must be tightly covered and packed to keep the fragrance of bombs active so that the consumer may enjoy it while using.


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