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Companies and brands use boxes for different reasons in various styles and styles. In this post, we’ll discuss some common kinds of boxes custom packaging-designed for specific services like manufacturers, businesses and e-commerce companies, subscription box businesses and advertising agencies in our efforts to create the most refined, high-quality product for our clients.

We can design an individual box perfect for your business, which protects your goods better than size boxes using our design and manufacturing technology.

Find out what kinds of corrugated containers there are and the suitable ones for your business below.

Box Styles for Product Packaging

For shipping requirements of companies, you need greater strength and more bulk-friendly alternatives than the ones used for household shipping or packing. For example, many companies who ship goods or products use at least one of the following kinds of custom packaging boxes:

Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes resemble conventional cardboard boxes, but they are thickly layered with different materials that vary in thickness. As a result, they are a comprehensive and durable choice for shipping that’s recyclable. Corrugated boxes can be found in various styles, such as simple-fold designs or customized ones and are among the most cost-effective ways of shipping accessible. In addition, when disassembled in a flat position, they can store them easily and organize the boxes.

cardboard boxes

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Rigid Boxes

Boxes made of rigid materials provide the most luxurious experience to users over other types of boxes because of their sleek and durable appearance that allows for the presentation. The recipient opens a box as a shoebox or a container with a smartphone inside -and their attention is on the item. They’re a favorite choice for fragile and costly products. Since they can be customized and custom packaging, they’re ideal for creating a brand.

Folding Cartons

Boxes that fold are smaller, lighter boxes, without the layers that corrugated boxes can provide many options. You’ve likely seen folding boxes if ever you’ve bought a lipstick in a tube or a rigid box of food at the supermarket. Certain boxes, such as the custom packaging containers, can be specific to a particular product, like the branded boxes you find with takeaway fry rice. These boxes can be easily customized and branded and are available in various sizes and shapes. In addition, they are light in weight, making them convenient to store and transport.

Mailer Boxes

Mailers are two kinds of shipping containers used in the business: mailer boxes and envelopes for mailers. Mailer envelopes are large and padded shipping envelopes designed for transporting fragile or lightweight papers. Mailer boxes, particularly C-series mailer boxes, feature an auto-locking fold that opens the same way as pizza boxes.

What makes PackagingPrinting unique is the ability to personalize every aspect of a box and even add your company logo. The boxes we customize are available in many choices, including RSC shipping boxes, C-series mailers and end-loading boxes.

Regular Slotted Containers

Regular slotted containers, also known as RSC shipping containers, are corrugated cardboard boxes with flaps that fold and close by using staples, shipping tape and similar glues. They’re a popular option for shipping products, particularly for larger quantities. In addition, they can be customize to accommodate different weights or restrictions on space. If you imagine traditional shipping methods, you’re likely thinking of RSC Shipping boxes.

While they are suitable for shipping, you might want to avoid stacking them when assembled as they may not be able to support the weight of one another without bending or falling over at the corners or around the flaps. When they are unfold, the boxes are usually lay flat to facilitate storage and the organization of your store or warehouse.

mailer boxes

C-Series Mailers

If you’re an e-commerce company, C-Series mailer boxes are a perfect choice. They are a popular choice for subscription boxes and clothing businesses due to their tapeless design—C-series containers self-lock to ensure security and safety when packing. The boxes, constructed of sturdy corrugated cardboard, are highly flexible. C-series mailer boxes are generally higher price than other boxes due to their high-end design and style.

The team at PackagingPrinting create C-Series mailer boxes to handle your large-volume shipping requirements. You can also create a box to show off your company’s image and facilitate the best unboxing experience for your customers. Watch this video to see how C-Series Mailer boxes fold to be ready for shipping.

End-loading & Side Loading Boxes

The end loading box is ideal for heavy and oversized items due to the flaps overlapping at both sides of the box for extra security when shipping products. In addition, these boxes are in style due to the need for sustainable practices and improved user experiences.

These boxes for end-loading are typically the ideal choice for environmentally conscious companies. Their boxes are construct from sturdy corrugated materials often obtain from recycle custom packaging and boxes.

Side load boxes made of cardboard will safeguard your possessions and help maintain the reputation of your business for high-quality service and sustainability. In addition, they need only minimal packing materials and are highly durable.

They are incredibly adaptable and you can make use of them for shipping various items, such as:

  • Artwork and paintings
  • Important documents or essential files
  • Floor or wall panels that attach to the floor
  • Mirrors
  • Picture frames
  • Decor pieces
  • Manufacturing equipment

End loading boxes are ideal for durability, stability, and security when you choose the right product. If you’re searching for boxes that can stand up to the demands of transport. Or lessen the requirement for a lot of packing materials. Fillers and packing materials, the strength that comes with end loading boxes may be the solution you’ve been searching for.

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