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Five pointers to help you master Agar.io

When it first appeared as a web browser game last year, Agar.io made quite an impact, but since it was featured in the most recent season of House of Cards, this strange little game has risen to the top of the rankings as a top iOS app.

So, what exactly is Agar.io? Agar.io is one of the most popular games of the IO Games series. It’s a game in which you begin as a small colored cell that must eat smaller cells (including other players) to grow larger. The goal is to grow into the largest cell on the map and climb to the top of the in-game scoreboard while avoiding being devoured.

It may appear straightforward – and it often is – but many first-time players become irritated with the game. (As they are devoured before they have a chance to comprehend what is going on). While a little practice will help you learn from your mistakes and stay alive. If you want an immediate advantage over the competition, try these five suggestions.

With Agar.io Hold When You’re Small, Tap When You’re Big

The mobile version of Agar.io does a good job of converting the web version’s click buttons to touch controls. They do, however, pose an intriguing quandary. Is it better to keep your finger pressed down in the direction you want to go or to just touch to change directions?

The response varies depending on the situation, but the general guideline is that when you’re tiny, you should hold, and when you’re big, you should tap. While holding the phone covers more of the screen, it also allows you to have the kind of split-second control you’ll need to dodge everything. On the other side, as your character grows in size, you’ll notice that you don’t need to make as many fast maneuvers. You can securely tap to change direction as needed.

Again, depending on the situation, this will need to be adjusted, but by practicing both control kinds early on, you will be able to learn the game much faster.

Farm Dots Around Viruses

See those spikes around the green, stationary dots all across the map? Viruses are your closest friends in the early stages.

This may sound unusual, but when larger players come into contact with these viruses, they break into several pieces. If you are, on the other hand, smaller than the viruses, they will not harm you. As a result, they are excellent early-on sources of protection. If you come across one or more, be careful to collect any dots that are surrounding them.

Keeping track of the locations of these viruses is not only a wonderful technique to expand your size, but it may also come in handy while fleeing from a larger attacker.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Players The Same Size

In a game as fast-paced as Agar.io, it’s tempting to flee from every opponent player who approaches you.

While this is a natural reaction, you should be cautious about how terrified you become while playing against opponents of similar stature. Players cannot eat players that are the same size as them. However, making that determination while playing does not need a keen eye. With players your size, rate according to the general rule. You should be able to pass through each other without difficulty.

Move From Side To Side in Agar.io

Although the usual Agar.io game will have you exploring the full game area at some point. It is preferable to move horizontally rather than vertically if you can avoid it.

Why? Moving vertically reduces your field of vision and increases your chances of colliding with another player. It is much easier to observe a broader area of play all around you. Know exactly where your next threat is coming from if you move from side to side.

While it is impossible to play Agar.io without going up and down at some point, you may dramatically improve your chances of survival. One of our suggestions is by reducing the number of times you move in completely vertical directions.

Know When To Split Your Cells

So you’ve completed the task at hand. You’ve been good or lucky enough to have one of the map’s largest cells, and you now feel unstoppable.

You are, however, not one of them. At a certain size, you may not have to worry as much about larger players. But maintaining your mass becomes much more difficult. You can only survive by devouring other players of similar size. It’s at this point that the split method comes in handy for dividing your cell into smaller chunks. This increases the chance of another player eating a piece of your body. But it also makes it much easier to track down your foes.

Consider it an investment in your future as the ruler of Agar.io, as well as a way to diversify your hobbies. The game Agar.io is free to download from the App Store. All iOS 6.0 and later devices are supported.

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