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How to become a successful interior designer?

Dreaming of turning your interior design hobby into a successful career? Do you have an eye for interior decoration and design trends? Are you a student and liked to decorate interiors?

If the answer is yes, then you will want to read this. 

1) What is an interior designer? 

A typical day in the life of an interior designer is very dynamic and varied. The space you create for your client is the result of months of planning, creative ideas and hard work with long meetings, from cafes with clients to finding equipment and accessories. Here are some of the main responsibilities of an interior designer:

  • Search for new clients and projects;
  • Prepare summaries, sketches and budgets according to the work specifications;
  • Create a project timeline;
  • Evaluate customer requirements throughout the project;
  • Prepare detailed drawings from initial sketches, usually done on a computer;
  • Search and find furniture, equipment and accessories;
  • Participate in regular site visits and client meetings.

Of course this is not all. An interior designer must be flexible, quick and attentive to changes and trends in design, furniture and decoration to react to any number of problems that may arise throughout the project. And what other qualities should an interior designer have? Here are 5 traits that an interior designer must have:

  • Creativity;
  • Organization;
  • Excellent communication;
  • Attention to the details;
  • Selling spirit. 

​All interior professionals emphasize innovation as a key part of the toolkit, but it is also not new that having a huge capacity for organization and communication is also important. 

2) What qualifications should an interior designer have?


There are several things that inspire interior designers to enter the industry. As a general rule, interior designers must have qualifications that demonstrate an extremely high level of design ability and artistic talent. The most common ways to prove these skills are through:

  • Higher Education – A three-year degree, which addresses topics such as furniture design, scenography and exhibition and event design, the master’s where interior design and its techniques are worked on, virtual models, among many other things.


​Use your free time to develop a career action plan to know what kind of designer you want to be and how you can achieve your goals.


3) How much can I earn?

The salary of an interior designer depends on the level of experience. The younger ones and those who have just graduated start by earning less than the more experienced designers with more years of career, they can earn much more, this also depends on the companies they work for.

4) How can I continue my career as an interior designer?

It’s always good to learn more, so look for new ways to gain new knowledge in the field. Consider joining a professional institution, continue your training with other industry professionals by enrolling in training courses.

Keens Construction of Interior Design  – Keens home contractor Surrey is a highly regarded association in Canada. If you are thinking about being an interiors designer it is worth looking into this association which offers 6 years of education and work experience.

Chartered Society of Designers – Whether you are a student just looking to improve your opportunities at an early stage, or a fully developed designer, a CSD membership is accessible to everyone in the industry. Participation levels vary by experience level – but all offer access to a network of like-minded individuals.

Keep learning  – interior design is an ever-evolving field and it’s crucial that designers keep up to date. Attending conferences, enrolling in classes, and networking with other professionals are all great ways to keep up with the latest in the field.


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