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How To Decorate Pillars In Living Room (Pro Tips)


If your columns/pillars are strong, your home will be durable, and vice versa. Your home stories rest on them and keep them stable. 

The majority of the rooms also have pillars, and if you don’t decorate them, the whole room looks awkward. You may feel annoyed seeing a column in your room, but as we said, they are the building blocks of your home, so you cannot ignore them.

Yet there are many ways to decorate your pillars/columns in your living room. Here are some great ideas to make your pillars more beautiful. 

Before you start decorating your living room pillar, you should know that there are two major types: classical and rectangular. These pillars are used in traditional home and cattle design, and they are round in shape. Nowadays, most people have a rectangular column in their home.

1. Room divider

Consider using the concrete column in the middle of an open plan space as a visual divider that separates the spaces. In this house, the white concrete column acts as a support for the wooden beams and pillars. The design divides the space into four mini rooms: the foyer, the living room, the dining room and the study. White and brown tones throughout create a lovely minimalist atmosphere.

For advice on structural elements in the house, you should consult a professional architect.

2. Support for a recess

In this living room, a column serves as a support for a partition wall between two spaces. Stone cladding on the concrete pillar adds a natural touch to the space. A wall with a smaller width than a column allows you to create a recess in which to place a piece of furniture without making the room appear cramped.

In this home, the recess has a cabinet with a countertop and a sleek sink that could be mistaken for a contemporary sculpture.

3. The veranda has structural support

To protect a seating area from the natural elements in an outdoor area such as a patio or veranda, structural columns provide support for the roof. For example, you can get creative and transform the straight lines of veranda or terrace pillars by adding some geometric details to break the monotony.

4. Stone columns

You can browse through an antique shop for elaborate stone pillars from an old palace or temple when considering adding a roof over an external space as part of an extension project in your home.

Instead of looking for designs of brick columns in Indian homes. They are strong enough to support a roof of terracotta tiles and will add a charming element to your patio.

5. Base for the television

One way to make the most of a column in the middle of a social space is to use it as a platform for the wall-mounted television. You can cover the wall with a rustic wallpaper or stone cladding like in this home, to give it a cozy feel.

Likewise, you can enhance the pillar decoration with a finish that matches the style of your house, no matter how classic or modern, and balances the enchantment of this beautiful false ceiling.

6. Storage niche

In apartments, it’s not uncommon to see a load-bearing column situated just half a foot away from the external wall. A good way to utilize dead space is to build shelves in the niche, as you can see in this bedroom. Additionally, in this example, curtains are used to disguise the niche so that it looks like a small window.

7. A Cosy border

Columns are crucial for supporting the structure of a large house with a double-height ceiling. The living room looks cozier when the columns are arranged in a perfect circle to form a border around the seating area.

Especially in a house this size. In addition, it separates the living room from the passageway leading to the stairs. Besides subtly illuminating the living room, coating the columns with a natural stone finish, or painting them reflective, makes a beautiful feature that adds style to the room.

8. Storage and partition

The placement of a piece of furniture that fits perfectly between a wall and a column can help to detract from the placement of a support structure in the center of the room. With this design.

We can see how the top of the wooden partition is made of glass. So that it does not interfere with the natural light. This is the bottom half of a common style pillar design for a house that has convenient storage built into the unit. Ideal for organizing items and keeping the living room clutter-free.

9. Safety on the terrace

While the view is the primary attraction of a home with a rooftop terrace, safety should also be considered in the design.

In structures that have pillars at the corners of the terrace to support the roof, the pillars can also be used to fix steel and glass safety railings along the border of the terrace for added security.

10. Decorative columns at the entrance

While structural columns are often present at the main entrance to support the porch roof or upper floors.

You can get creative and break away from the traditional design of a single column by breaking it up into two. This entrance’s stone clad columns have a hollow in the center, which is perfect for placing a planter to make the space more welcoming and to decorate it.

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