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Shocking Remakes About Need For Speed: Underground2 Remastered

Resurrects the Classic

Need For Speed Underground2 Remastered is an all-time classic, by all accounts. Anybody who has played the game in those PS2 days will remember how enjoyable a street racing game is.
Many fans would be able to agree that NFS Underground2 was the first episode of the show’s high point. The series would continue to Most Wanted and conclude by releasing Carbon.

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Despite Multiple Attempts

The series has been unable to spark excitement since its inception. The most recent installment, “Need For Speed: Underground2 &  Need for  Speed Heat, received mixed reviews when it was released in 2019.
The latest Need for Speed fan will take this series to its most popular time. They’re creating the Need for Speed Underground 2 from scratch in Unreal Engine 4.

And the best part is that they’re capturing the procedure on the YouTube channel. You can also join them on their journey of development.

Need to Speed: Underground2 is being revamped by an avid fan!

The project is dubbed 2 Unreal 4 Underground. The first trailer for this fan-made remake was uploaded on this project’s YouTube channel in October of last year. It was a brief video teaser of the game.
The non-official remake’s creator has posted several informational updates. The videos on the channel provide details on specific features that the player can experience. The videos cover audio, soundtrack and UI collision issues, car destruction, and other things.

Similarity Of Previous Game

As far as we can see, the game’s creator is working extremely hard on Unreal Engine 4 to make the game something special. And it’s very similar to the original game, however, with some significant enhancements.
The channel’s latest upload – called “Banging around the town’ – gives the first glimpse of the game in its entirety. It shows cars tearing through Bay view’s city. Bay view, like we experienced in 2004.

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The graphics in the remake have been improved since the first time we saw it, as have other aspects of the game and the user interface.

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Updates will include turbo and the nitrous system as well as new steering systems, the sound of collision and sparks, a more efficient weather cycle, fresh texture, drift zone, and plenty more.

Need For Speed Underground2 Download For PC

Need For Speed: Underground2

Need For Speed Underground2 download for Windows PC. Download the complete version of the game Need For Speed (NFS) Underground2 game with confidence from a reliable source. This Need for Speed series has been around for a long time and has established itself as a highly thrilling and engaging and thrilling racing game available, and it’s no surprise that Need For Speed: Underground2 does not disappoint.

NFS Need For Speed: Underground2 is the sequel to the top-selling racing game,Need For Speed: Underground2, released in 2003. The most exciting aspect of the game’s game play is the no-cost roam mode, which permits players to explore the city and take part in street races alongside other racing enthusiasts. Do not just inform people about hot areas where you race regularly, but try to limit your competitor’s ability to compete in the streets. No matter what happens, it would help if you did not lose to a competitor.

Is it going to be released?

However, it’s doubtful that it’ll ever see an official release. And should it happen, EA would probably take immediate action to eliminate it.
It’s fun to imagine what a new version could look similar to. And it’s exciting to know someone else has the expertise and imagination to realize it. However, we may never have the chance to experience it ourselves.
We’d also be thrilled to have official remakes of the greatest Need for Speed games. Maybe someday we’ll get to see them. However, for now, we’ll have to sit back and enjoy fan-made versions of the videos on YouTube.

Perhaps we should begin with a petition?

Do you want to play the remake of the fan-made Need for Speed: Underground 2? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below, and be sure to read our other articles on gaming…

You Tuber and developer Ivan Novozhilov recently shared new game play footage from his ongoing Need For Speed Underground 2 fan remake. The remake, called 2Unreal4Underground, brings the game from 2003 to the modern-day generation with enhanced lights, high-resolution texture, and numerous Unreal Engine 4 features, including global illumination and volumetric.

Although there’s no specific ETA for the game’s remake, Novozhilov has been working on it for over half a decade. Currently, underground utilizes components from the PC game of 2003 and is working to improve the models’ and textures’ quality. Novozhilov said he would not take the easy way with AI texture scaling. It means the original assets will replace road and construction textures over the years and months. In its initial stages, the project is awe-inspiring.

The only thing we can’t be sure of is whether underground will ever see an official release. Despite being a fan-made project, copyright issues may stop the remake.

Recently (with some helpful tips from this blog!) I completed Underground 2 for the first time. And I have lots to comment on Underground 2. If I could choose one phrase to express how Underground two makes me feel, I’d say “frustrated.” However, it’s not because of the reasons you might think.

A Good Driving in Underground 2 is an absolute blast 70 percent of the time.
Cars are able that cornering can be enjoyable and demanding in all the right ways. The crash mechanics appear to be awful, and that’s not even close to being an issue. And when compared the Underground 1, these are a noticeable improvement.

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Lot Of different Types Of Events Underground2

Need For Speed: Underground2

Although some are certainly better than others (and one should not exist at all), for the most part, they’re all enjoyed for their contribution to significant variety. Street X isn’t my favorite, but I’m not sure I dislike it either. Drifting is excellent for more compact circuits; it’s more like Underground 1 for sure (though I would have preferred that they didn’t add opponents to these). And drag racing is… however, and I’ll come back to that.


The track is relatively easy to explain. There weren’t any tracks in this one that made me feel angry. This is more than what I could say about Underground 1, that’s for sure.

Car list

Underground 2’s cars list is awe-inspiring. It’s not a massive list in the modern world, but it doesn’t need to be. They have the top heavy hitters and some unique, fun selections. I chose the 240SX, Celica, Audi TT, and Evo VIII for my play-through.

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Although I like the Ghost method of personally, Underground 2 is not much further from the mark. It’s likely the same for me. Whatever Underground 2’s customization lacks nuance, it makes up for the sheer amount of customization, and the result is vehicles that are certainly abominations; however, they are fun to build. Specific options available in Underground 2 honestly do not need to be in games, such as NOS purge and custom doors, audio in the trunk, and custom gauges.

It’s not my intention to Beat the Bush.

URL race is Black Box NFS at its most insidious. There are far too many, and the tracks are insufficient to justify the long races, and the game’s physics don’t lend themselves to sanctioned tracks. Each race is a complete snooze fest of races.
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Plenty of bizarre mechanics in Underground 2 add little to the experience. For instance, it’s rep systems. I have read that getting more rep will help you gain magazines and DVD covers more quickly. However, this is not true. To obtain DVD covers, you need to increase the star rating of your car. To be eligible for magazine covers, you need to be able to win races. That’s it. What else does the rep do? I’m not sure. I would say it was a terrible decision to start with, as rewarding players for finishing well ahead of the rest hinders them from attempting to challenge themselves.

A Game without Earning

One of the game’s biggest problems is the numerous shops and low travel speed. The fun doesn’t make enough money to purchase every item once it’s available. Therefore it’s an ongoing loop of saving for whatever you’ve just got unlocked, buying it, and then saving to buy the following item. It is possible to forget that you did not open certain things. Also, it forces you to visit various shops throughout the game. It completely disrupts the pace.

Games All Levels Reviews

Need For Speed: Underground2

As a first-timer, the Bayview area Bayview can be described as… decent. However, playing the game in 2021 makes me wish I was playing an older game. There is a myriad of strangenesses in the map design of Bayview, which make driving it an exercise in frustration. From blind jumps that strike. You can’t see shortcuts that look more like detours, places that are only accessible

by one road (which I believe is the most egregious sin of the design of maps for racing games; however, don’t fret Underground 2 isn’t the only one. Fora Horizon 1 is as guilty and has little excuse for this, considering how recent the game can be),
and corners that make driving less enjoyable because they break up the speed randomly (for example, did you know the one road that leads to Beacon Hills in the west?
That’s a joke!). This kind of thing means that the physical laws don’t be a factor because when you own a fast car, you’ll be able to stop having fun. And Coal Harbor exists. Tragic, I know.

  • Outrun races
  • Every aspect of these is a suck. Yes, the thing to use when you’re free roaming. However, they’re not working and take a long time to repair, and they must be unlocked to access certain upgrades and parts, such as
  • wide body kits.
  • It’s the Ugly
  • Presentation

Underground two appears to be much worse in comparison to Underground 1. It’s fair to say that it’s due to the shift to an open world. This is true in all respects, however. On GameCube, mainly the game appears and is played, and this port is unjustifiable.

On PC, the game appears and is relatively smooth.

I played Need For Speed: Underground2 on a computer with Extra Options and High Vision mods that were implemented, and it’s an overall pleasing experience. But, one thing I do not like in every version is the interface. It’s a mess as time, and coming off of the sleek Underground 1, this is an unsettling experience.

– Length

The game is far too long and isn’t doing much in the way of justifying it. The map isn’t extensive and varied enough to support the content available. The 5th stage is a tedious experience as nothing happens to make it enjoyable even a bit, and it’s home to some of the most frustrating routes available in the game. Also, it’s the time that Coal Harbor completely opens, which makes the experience more challenging.


Need For Speed: Underground2

It’s fantastic to see that Underground 2 included this at all. And, amazingly, it’s so thorough. But the game can get a bit off track in this instance. Drifting, particularly within Jackson Heights, isn’t very enjoyable unless you find the right music. It’s true, obviously; however, for an arcade racer, this is an odd option.

I’d bet that a substantial portion of the audience for Underground 2 doesn’t know what a dyno is and how to utilize it. My personal experience is somewhere in between, and I am a little left out. Drag races are tough without tuning. While the tuning of your vehicle certainly enhances these two kinds of events, any race is a possibility to win on medium difficulty without adjusting. It’s just odd that it could improve your experience so dramatically.


Need For Speed: Underground2 is disappointing because it accomplishes so many vital things well, only to be affected by questionable but easily rectifiable design choices. Although I was happy with it, there are a lot of moments in which I would have preferred playing another game, and that frustrates me since I see the potential of it being the “best NFS game” that all claim to be. However, I’m afraid I have to disagree with that assertion. Very strongly, actually.

Underground 2 was remarkable

And you can understand why it could be true. It’s not that it’s superior to the competitors. because the competition was less effective. I think gaming wasn’t prepared for racing before the Xbox 360/PS3/Wii generation. Gaming consoles were not capable enough to create racing games that were fully fleshed out.

And that’s why I think Need For Speed: Underground2 is an impressive achievement. It’s been fully fleshed out. It’s entertaining. And yet, somehow, it’s also filled to the brim with nonsense. And it is enough to make me angry since the game ought to have been more enjoyable. This is a list of suggestions I would have implemented design-wise to improve the game play.
Re balance rates and payments. It’s not necessary to feel that they’re constantly broke.

  • Get rid of URL races.
  • Remove Outrun races.
  • Rethink the drift physics and alter the difficulty of drag to ensure that the tuning improves the game
  • experience, but it’s not nearly necessary.
  • Make every shop sell everything, just like Most Wanted.
  • Reduce the game lengthwise.
  • Disable this rep-system.

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Although I think it is a Good Game,

it’s not one that I’ll wish to play again. If you decide to play the game, I would highly recommend playing the PC version, and at a minimum, it’s an Extra Options mod. Starting the game with plenty of money can be expensive, but it’s more enjoyable than constantly driving back and forth to shops and races. I would also highly recommend using the “Unlock everything” cheat when you’ve reached the fifth stage, as it eliminates the requirement to participate in Outrun races.

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