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Top 10 Benefits Of Yellow Sapphire Stone!

As the most auspicious gemstone associated with planet Jupiter, yellow sapphire is known as the most crucial gemstone. If you wear Jupiter, you will receive qualities such as wealth, health, prosperity, and wisdom. It is widely recognized as a planet of good fortune. Everyone should take a chance on this stone once in their lives after consulting an astrologer and seeking advice.

Yellow sapphire stone is a commonly known gemstone that belongs to the group of Jupiter stones, and it is known by many different names, such as Pukhraj, Gurupriya, Gururatna, Pushpraag, Pushparaag, Peetmani,  Guruvallabh, Vachaspati Vallabh, and Pitman.

This is a are corundum gemstones and belong to the same family as rubies and sapphires. Yellow sapphires are available in yellow, golden, and orange shades. Among those, the lemon-yellow color is the best. Yellow sapphire has the colour of iron and titanium.

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Benefits of wearing Yellow sapphire stones

  1. Wearing a yellow sapphire stone properly can do wonders for the wearer. The Navaratna is popular among people because it is beneficial to those who wear it and brings prosperity to their lives. Wearing it can improve the wearer’s financial status, as well as grant him or her health, fame, name, honour, and success.
  2. According to Indian society, Yellow Sapphire is a stone that brings peace and prosperity and ensures the survival of the family. It symbolizes divinity and power & recognized as one of the safest gemstones. It represents knowledge, wealth and love relationships as well as general well-being and spiritual knowledge.
  3. Wearing Yellow Sapphire on a Thursday with Gold or Panch Dhatu brings quick results. For a prosperous family life and a harmonious married life, all married women wearing the Natural Yellow Sapphire should wear it.
  4. Yellow sapphires are protective against evil spirits, bestowing good health, wisdom, wealth, long life and fame to those who wear them. It is best stone for for those who is in academic life.
  5. Yellow sapphires of Jyotish quality enable students to excel in their studies. They help remove any kind of delays women experience.
  6. Wearing a yellow sapphire is an easy way for a girl to find her perfect match if she has any difficulty finding one. Your married life is blessed with a good balance, and the wearer is blessed with children.
  7. Yellow sapphire has many benefits. Not only does it remove of obstacles to marriage, but it is also is auspicious engagement or wedding ring in Indian cultures.
  8. Couples who are separated can be reunited with Ceylon yellow sapphire stone. People who wear yellow sapphires are  get knowledge of law, ethics, wit, wisdom, physical power, cleverness, longevity, good health, and glory.
  9. Yellow sapphires can also prevent illnesses like jaundice, throat infections, liver problems, lung problems, ear problems, abscesses, tumours, skin problems, cerebral congestion, and disorders of the pancreas.
  10. When wearing a Yellow Sapphire like the Dev Guru Brihaspati himself, make sure that it is natural, unheated, and flawless.
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How to wear Pukhraj Stone

Wearing a yellow sapphire or a Pukhraj stone properly will yield all these benefits in life. There is a misconception that most people don’t really know how to wear the Pukhraj stone correctly. We will tell you how to wear it correctly below:

Step 1:

To determine whether yellow sapphire suits one, it is first necessary to consult an experienced astrologer. When Jupiter is in the wrong house of a birth chart, the yellow sapphire will bring negative results instead of positive results.

Step 2:

Whenever possible, try to buy yellow sapphire or Pukhraj stone from a well established and reputable gem shop since wearing a synthetic yellow sapphire will be auspicious for the wearer.

Step 3:

Select the perfect metal to embed in the yellow sapphire after you purchase it. Most of the time, gold or silver is the best metal for fixing yellow sapphire.

The gemstone should be mounted in a ring so it touches the wearer’s skin and spreads positive energy throughout their lives.

Step 4:

If the yellow sapphire ring weighs two carats or more, it should be the best choice. As the gemstone weight increases, its power increases.

Step 5:

You should wear this yellow sapphire stone blessed by Jupiter on Thursday morning

Step 6:

On Thursday, once you receive the stone, sit in the yellow colour asana facing north or northeast. Dip the Stone in holy water or milk if it has been exposed to harmful or redundant energies. It will become completely cleansed.

Step 7:

Remove the ring from the milk and place it over the yellow cloth with the Jupiter Yantra. Chant this mantra 108 times while burning 5 incense sticks and offering flowers to the yellow sapphire ring.

“Aum Brim BrahaspatayeNamahAum”

Step 8:

The right index finger of your hand should hold the ring. Yellow sapphire rings are generally attractive for about 3 years before they lose their charm. Every 3-4 years, you should replace your yellow sapphire ring.

Step 9:

To keep your yellow sapphire rings in good condition, you should regularly clean them with water and other useful chemicals.

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