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What are the different Industrial Forklift Types?

Industrial Forklift Types

What are the different Industrial Forklift Types?

Hydraulic Forklifts:

They have great versatility since it is possible to install them for small loads from 50 or 100 kg, But it can reach 10 tons or more. They can also be coupled to any type of dimensions. Since the Industrial and Industrial Forklift types also for shops. they are normally assembled to measure. These Hydraulic System Forklifts have a simple and very reliable operation. They consist of a hydraulic unit that is the one that injects the hydraulic fluid to the cylinders that directly or indirectly move the forklift platform.

Electric Forklifts:

Also called Electromechanical, they are used for reduced or medium loads. They are electric motor and have a system of counterweights.
Industrial Forklift Dimensions
It will depend on the use we want to give it, we have a wide variety of measures to fit any solution.

Skid Steer or dumbwaiter

It is an Industrial Forklift designed to transport reduced loads, between 50 and 150 Kg. The traction system is electro mechanical, V = 30 Cm./ second and motor with powers from 0.75 Cv. to 1,5 Cv., Among the types that exist we can highlight the following:

Lift truck

In this category we have from 100 Kg., To 10 tons or more in custom and special projects, with speeds between 10 to 20 Cm / Sec., They are usually hydraulic system, depending on load and dimensions, we have the following types of Industrial Forklift:

Single Column Hydraulic Industrial Forklift:

It consists of a column that supports it where the guide system and cylinder are.  Approximately.
Two-post hydraulic industrial forklift: or even more. They use two or more columns to support large load capacities, they are mounted like this when the loads to be displaced are 1500 kg. Or greater in types of special Industrial Forklifts, they can have measures of up to 3 m. by 6 m. or more in special projects.
Car lift

They are Types of Industrial Forklifts composed of hydraulic traction systems and double column, with dimensions suitable for transporting vehicles or vehicles and people. In the latter case, the manufacturer must follow the safety directives for people. Industrial racking help in business

Doors for an Industrial Forklift:

They are an important element in Industrial Forklifts since they are one of the most important safety elements to avoid possible accidents.

We have many possibilities in all Types of Industrial Forklifts, let’s see the most prominent or usual:

Manual doors: It can be 1 or 2 leaves depending on the step that we need to leave very used in Industrial Forklifts. These doors can be manufactured in a blank sheet with or without a peephole, in different materials that can be metal mesh, stainless steel, perforated sheet….

Automatic doors: Similar but more resistant than those of conventional elevators, the doors of Automatic Forklifts, in most cases, are telescopic or central opening with a number of leaves that usually vary from two to six.
Hinged slat doors: Similar to a sliding door that to save space are hinged. The opening can be installed automatic or manual. A round sight may be available.

Industrial Forklift Prices:

  • LICENSES: As we have mentioned before, they are necessary for their installation, by the City Council.
    WORKS AND INSTALLATIONS: Probably before being able to install the Forklift, it will be necessary to carry out works and installations to adapt the hole where you want to install or place.
  • START-UP: Carried out by the company that will sell us and place the Forklift.
  • LEGALIZATIONS: That they are necessary due to their characteristics.
    We take care of everything, to minimize these Industrial Forklift Costs. Giving you a comprehensive service from start to finish. Here are some rules you should know forklift driving.

Elevator Cost:

Thus, depending on the configuration chosen, the Price of the Industrial Forklift will depend. In other words, its cost will depend on:

  • Loading Capacity
  • Dimensions
  • The type
  • The Route and Number of Stops
  • Other peculiarities that we need it to have the same

From our Architecture and Engineering Platform we offer you our service to calculate the Budget of your Industrial Forklift looking for the most economical solutions on the market but always adjusted to your needs


In this way we can guarantee that you will have an Industrial Forklift Price as economical as possible with all the needs that you require fully covered and in a short period of time, since we take care of the entire process.


For any need or condition that you have for an Industrial Forklift there is a solution that fits your Ship and business, Consult us without obligation.

You can consult our Technical Office. We have technicians in all the provinces of Spain, we work nationwide.

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