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Advanced Driver Assistance Systems: Automotive & Vehicles Emergency Braking There are many advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS) available on today’s Automotive & Vehicles.

Some of the more common ones include automatic emergency braking (AEB). AEB is a system that uses sensors to detect an impending collision and automatically applies the brakes. This system can help avoid accidents and save lives. Connected Mobile Apps/Digital Key: Another popular ADAS feature is connected mobile apps and digital keys.

Automotive & Vehicles

These systems allow drivers to access various functions in Automotive & Vehicles, such as navigation and climate control, without having to take their hands off the wheel. They also provide a way to lock and unlock the car using a smartphone or other device. Teen Driver Tech: Drivers of young children should be aware of several technologies that are designed specifically for young motorists.

These include Teen Driver Tech in Automotive & Vehicles, which provides parents with tools to help keep their children safe while driving, and Safe Exit Assist to protect cyclists. Wireless Smartphone Connectivity and Charging: Many modern vehicles come with wireless smartphone connectivity and charging.

This allows  to use their phones while they’re driving, and access information and contacts without having to remove them from their pockets or seats. It also allows them to charge their phones while they’re driving with Automotive & Vehicles, which can be helpful in emergencies. 360-Degree Camera: Many modern cars come with a 360-degree camera system that can be used for various purposes,

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