What’s The Difference Between Accountants And Auditors?

Accountants And Auditors Dubai

Accountants and auditors are two occupations quite similar, and the names are frequently interchanged. Both the Accounts & Auditor need fundamental accounting and bookkeeping knowledge and analytical and computational skills. It causes individuals to become confused and use these names interchangeably, which is incorrect.

Who Exactly Is An Accountant?


An accountant is a professional who oversees the company’s or business’s daily financial activities, such as Accounts and Auditors in Dubai. He works with the company’s raw data, analyses it, and then creates its numerous financial statements. An accountant is typically an employee of the company for which they work daily. Keeping track of the transactions will make it easier to file for VAT.

An Accountant’s Responsibilities

Accountants are responsible for the accounting aspect of a company’s operations. Payables and receivables, bookkeeping reconciliation, payrolls, tax return filings, and so on are examples of financial transactions.

Accountants are also responsible for analyzing a client’s financial data. And ensure the client comprehends what it means (a company or a person). They anticipated being able to clarify their client’s situation. When it comes to their finances in the economy, in a way that their client understands. Accountants prepare income statements, cash flow statements, balance sheets, and shareholder’s equity statements; all included in the financial report.

Accountants may also be requested to protect a company’s financial security, such as ensuring that clients make the appropriate decisions to increase profits, ensure that inflows and outflows are balanced, etc.

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Who Exactly Is An Auditor?

A person or a firm, basically a third party, is an auditor hired to examine all of the company’s books for any discrepancies. An auditor will examine the books prepared by an accountant, check for any discrepancies, and then develop an audit report based on the findings. Even a minor discrepancy in the books would indicate that the accountant was not diligent in keeping the books.

Auditors Have Specific Responsibilities

Even while auditors perform nearly identical activities as accountants, their responsibilities are distinct. An auditor examines a company’s operations, particularly its financial data. Also, provide you with thoughts and ideas on dealing with and resolving loopholes that could cause them major trouble. They ensure that the financial statements are accurate and fair, as international regulatory standards require.

An auditor must inquire about the nature of a business when auditing a corporation. And what it’s all about is getting a better understanding of the company’s operations and financial reporting practices. They also assess a company’s control system, monitor and verify its physical inventory count, and double-check all accounts with third parties to ensure accuracy. An auditor will spend a day or more auditing a business, depending on the amount of data to be evaluated. They will gather all relevant and required evidence to compile a report and devise remedies to any difficulties or issues encountered. These solutions will improve a company’s performance, efficiency, and profitability compared to before the audit.

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Differences Between Accountants And Auditors

The terms Accounts and Auditor in UAE have various meanings in the accounting world. The fundamental differences between an accountant and an auditor are listed below:

  • An accountant is in charge of recording, classifying, summarizing, and analyzing the company’s numerous business activities. Auditors are the individuals that evaluate all of the financial books prepared by the accountant to determine their feasibility and accuracy.
  • The accountant’s job is to find and record all financial data to create a thorough financial picture of the company. It would entail determining the company’s financial status, profitability, etc. An auditor’s goal is to establish and enhance the credibility of a company’s financial reports. It involves double-checking the accountant’s financial statements.
  • A company’s accountants must work daily. They must analyze all data daily to prepare financial statements. Auditors inspect a corporation regularly after a specific event, such as suspected fraud.
  • Hiring an accountant is both an essential service and a commercial imperative. Every company needs a competent accountant. An auditor can be hired if desired. There will be little need for an auditor if the accountant makes almost no mistakes.
  • At the end of each quarter, an accountant prepares the company’s financial books. These books are essential to comprehend the company’s financial condition. The accountant’s financial books will be scrutinized down to the last detail by the auditor. This book inspection will aid in the accuracy of the volumes created.
  • Bookkeeping is the starting point for accounting because it records and maintains the company’s financial transactions, used to prepare the financial statements. Auditors can only begin their work once the accountants’ task is complete. The auditors re-check the financial statements for any inconsistencies after being prepared.


Even though they accomplish almost the same tasks and have almost similar professions, there are variations between Accounts & Auditors. https://www.atninfo.com/They each have different responsibilities that one can perform while the other cannot, and vice versa.

Accountants and auditors are both involved in an organization’s financial side. An accountant prepares financial statements and reports and occasionally provides financial advice or makes financial recommendations. In contrast, an auditor examines financial records to ensure no irregularities or discrepancies and that the financial records have been compiled correctly.

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