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Why does Google Analytics show?

“Property not receiving hits”

Google Analytics is used by the users to make regular, periodic evaluations of the implementing analytics and along with this they also provide notifications for the users as an alert or reminder in order to keep it running and effective functionally ” Property not receiving hits “. 

Sometimes you might come across a message or we can say a notification that says Google Analytics No hits; this notification is actually a red notification which means that you are supposed to address the issue highlighted to you as soon as possible you can. This issue might be a critical one and could create problems with your implementation or configuration setup if you do not address it properly.

If by any chance you are receiving a message which says “Property not receiving hits” then it indicates that your Google Analytics tracking is not more working for you. There could be two scenarios in which this service might not be working for you and that could be that either somebody has removed the tracking code of GA from your website or another case could be that your tracking code is broken and is no more active for you or you can also say that it is not firing anymore. There could be another chance too that your website has undergone suffrage due to a temporary outage. 

In this blog, we are going to fix this issue that you are dealing with but before this, we should first understand the reason because of which are getting these notifications in brief. 

Why are you getting notifications of No hits?

Let us look at some of the reasons because of which you are getting notifications of No Hits and because of which you are also dealing with the problems of ‘there is no data for this view Google Analytics’ so, without any delay let us move ahead. 

  1. GA tracking code might be missing. 
  2. Not only GA but GTM tracking code might be missing too. 
  3. The GA/ GTM tracking code could be non- standard. 
  4. If another script is conflicting with your GA script then also this notification will be sent to you. 
  5. There might be some issues with the server of the website you are using. 

Ways to fix the problem of ‘No hits’ notifications you are receiving –

Now that we have reviewed the reasons because of which you are dealing with the problem, let us move ahead to get the solutions of this problem which might be helpful for the users to fix the issue which they are facing.

“Note: These are the steps you can follow to solve your Google analytics issue also if your website has been created by a Google ads marketing agency then you can directly contact them to solve this issue. “

Fixing missed GA tracking code 

This is the most common reason because of which the GA tracking code might be missing so below are the steps which need to be followed if you want to fix this problem. 

  • Begin with opening the URL of the website you own on the browser you are using and then hit the enter button. 
  • In the next step, you need to load the webpage, and then from there make sure to hit the ‘View page source button’. 
  • After pressing the Control and F button together you need to fill in the GA property Id. 
  • Make sure to ask your developer to install the GA tracking code and then once it is implemented you have to click on the option of ‘check again’ in the notification. 

Fixing server issues with the website

If you are dealing with website server issues then you need to run your host on a trusted web server which you want to so that you can provide 99% to 100% uptime. You can also share these or you can also dedicate the servers. And if you want to fix this problem then you need to make sure. That you have followed all the guidance provided in this paragraph carefully. 

To fix another script with GA script 

If Analytics has stopped then this issue could be one of the reasons for the same. You might face this problem or this issue from the cookies that are rewritten by the other scripts. And the best solution for this problem is to use the debugger analytics each and every time you add a page and check the same for data. 

Wrapping Up: In this blog, we have discussed about how you can solve Google Analytics ” Property not receiving hits” issue. These tips will apply to every industry website make sure you follow the steps.

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