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6 Companies That Have Implemented Customization Successfully

Customization is a marketing strategy that can never get old. Providing customization facilities in your store will help you attract many audiences from different regions and with different tastes. And there are millions of ideas of how you can implement customization in your product. And to ace among other businesses, you need to pick the best way this marketing tool can work for you.

What you need is an online product designer tool integrated with your store platform. For instance, if you have a shop on Shopify or Prestashop, then you can go for Shopify product designer tool and Prestashop designer tool. To inspire you with different ideas, we have listed a few brands that used customization, and it worked wonders for them:

Companies Providing Successful Customizations

  • Nutella

Let us start with ‘everyone’s favorite – Nutella. A glass jar with delicious and versatile chocolate hazelnut spread made everyone indulge in its taste long before they played their ace card in marketing those jars. They applied customization in their packaging. They allowed their customers to add their names on the jar packaging. And we know how it is still trending and known as one of the best gifts for chocolate lovers. This trend caught wind on social media. People started to share the images of Nutella jars with their names on every social media.

Thus, you can adapt this strategy and provide customization for not only your product but your packaging too for creating a buzz about your brand.

  • Nike

Nike is a popular brand in selling quality shoes of different types. This brand wanted to increase direct consumer sales. Thus, they came up with the idea of letting customers customize their shoes through Nike’s site. Initially, those customized shoes were sold for 170$ on Nike’s online store. This marketing method not only increased the sales of the brand but also earned a huge PR for introducing innovation in the shoe industry.

  • Ray-Ban

DIY (Do It Yourself) is trending and loved by people around the globe. But DIY usually means performing hacks and getting crafty. This does not sound like luxury, right?. But brands like Ray-ban have re-invented this thought with its customization strategy.

It provides customization on its e-stores where one can customize the color, frame, look, etc., of the glasses according to their requirements. It is promoted its customization in a way that people felt like they were being expressive and independent. And even offered to customize the Ray-Ban covers, and it was a hit too. It increased sales and visibility for this brand.

  • Fender

Ever thought of designing your own guitar? I am sure most of you have not. But Fender executed that thought in an impressive way. Customers just need to log in to their site, choose a guitar type, and start customizing it. Colors, combinations, texts, everything can be customized and added. Not only this, but they also have a front and back view facility that helps one to get a 360-degree view of the product. Customers can even save the designs in their online collection to show their loved ones for their reviews before finalizing it.

  • Blue Sky

This brand stands as the #1 planner brand in the USA that delivers exclusive and premium personalized planners. They customize the planners with customer’s inputs. One can add images, frame style, colors for different sections, format, fonts, etc. They earned 20% more sales by implementing this strategy.

This way, customers can provide customization for different stationery items like pouches, art supplies, even a pen. People will adore such cute customized stuff.

  • Ralph Lauren

You might have a question like, how do I leverage customization when I have built my brand around a specific way your products look and people love it the same way? The answer is – start working on details. Giving you the example of Ralph Lauren can make you understand the answer better. This brand is known for its signature polo t-shirts. They could not change the entire product, so they introduced, ‘stitch it’ campaign where people could create their own polo shirts. They can add logos, flags, monograms, etc., from the curated list of the brand. There are also options available, like getting an embroidery text on the t-shirt for the team.

This way, they ensured that the essence of their product remains the same, just the tiny alterations can be made by customers from the brand’s library. And this was impressive, uncommon, and created a buzz around the polo t-shirt lovers.


I hope you got a brief idea of how you can implement customization. You can provide customizations through products and packaging. For this, the main tool you will require is an online product designer tool. This will enable all the customizations for your customers.

And make sure your online designer tool is compatible with your Shopify business. For this, you can also opt for the Shopify product designer tool from a software solution providing company. You just need to keep your audience necessities in the center, add your creativity with your marketing skills, and your brand creates the next buzz for its customizations.


Mr. Pratik Shah is Creative Head of Brush Your Ideas, a Web-to-Print technology solution offering custom product design software and Web-to-Print Storefront Solutions. He is a tech enthusiast and an avid blogger and writes about ecommerce and web-to-print industry.

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