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How Custom Themes Enhance the Look Amp;

Feel of Your Open Cart Store

OpenCart theme is an all-in-one e-commerce solution that makes it easy to start with your online store. It’s a quick, open-source, and completely free e-commerce platform with no monthly fees.

However, a business’s requirements aren’t always met by the default features of OpenCart. Many times, store owners must tailor the store to their specific line of business.

Customers prefer OpenCart because it has a far more stylish and appealing appearance than any other e-commerce platform. As a result, it is believed this is the best e-commerce platform for getting your online business off the ground.

OpenCart commerce is the ideal e-commerce platform for getting the most out of your online business, with a user-friendly interface, multiple payment gateways, and a slew of other exciting features.

Custom OpenCart Theme

Instead of modifying the default theme, you should create a new one if you want to change the look and feel of your website. Purchase a new theme or simply copy the default theme and rename and modify the copy of theme files.

OpenCart services is a full-featured platform for launching an online store. It comes with a beautiful Bootstrap-based theme that meets all of your basic needs and is easy to use.

OpenCart supports third-party themes; all that is required is that you follow the theme’s structure and upload it to the catalog/view/theme folder.

After you’ve added the files, the theme will be picked up by the OpenCart admin, and you’ll be able to customize the theme settings in the admin panel for your new theme.

Image sizes on product pages, category pages, search pages, and many other settings include.

Why choose custom themes for your OpenCart store?

Designed according to the user

Your online e-commerce business’s success will determine by the features available to clients on your OpenCart website. OpenCart Themes and templates can provide a variety of features that improve a customer’s shopping experience.

The OpenCart theme is best with features that make it easier for visitors to purchase and use your website.

Layout Design for AMP

OpenCart theme development will include an AMP layout, which ensures that AMP components display correctly without flickering or scrolling issues.

The AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) framework is an open-source framework that allows mobile browsers and apps to quickly load your website’s content. AMP ensures that layout rendering is complete on the page before any additional external resources, such as HTTP requests for pictures or data calls.

PWA (Design)

PWAs (Progressive Web Apps ) are well-known for providing a native-app-like experience in browsers.

PWAs designed to provide a similar experience to native apps for mobile users. Traditional responsive websites take longer to load than PWAs.

OpenCart services’ progressive web design allows you to create intuitive web experiences, which is critical to your company’s success.

AB Evaluation

The A/B test will help you reduce cart abandonment. Once your design approves to be successful, run more A/B tests to see if a refined version can increase conversion to your higher-priced items and services.

With a little tweaking and some careful A/B comparison testing, you can get perceived value with A/B testing.

What are the points you consider while selecting a custom theme for OpenCart?

1. Custom Design

You need to understand how difficult it is to customize a pre-built OpenCart template to meet the needs of the website.

As a result, Quarter Pie can assist you in setting up your website with your own custom design, as no one wants the same design as thousands of other websites.

2. Start from the beginning

Theme design in OpenCart services can have its own limitations, but these are more on the feature side than the design side. As a result, can create a unique OpenCart theme development for you that is unlike any other OpenCart website.

Website developers and highly skilled web designers start from the ground up to create a website that meets your needs.

3. Long list of Satisfied Client

Successful online sales have always relied heavily on appealing e-commerce web design.

We’ve built numerous commercial websites on the OpenCart platform for a variety of businesses, ranging from small start-ups to multimillion-dollar corporations. To date, they’ve all shown a steady increase in sales and customer visits.

4. Time-Proven Methodologies

E-commerce websites that are perfectly suited to your target audience using time-tested techniques and research-based statistics.

OpenCart websites that are not only professional but also cost-effective and efficient. In addition, every new store has a responsive design, which means the layout “responds” to the size of the screen you’re using to view the website.

Final Words

Create a theme for your OpenCart e-commerce store based on your design concept. Instead of directly modifying the default theme files, recommend creating a new custom theme to make life easier during an OpenCart version upgrade.

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