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In-Depth Guide For Installation Of Wavlink WN535E4 Router

Hey, I am Michael and I live in California. I studied at Oxford University and in the last year of graduation. But due to coronavirus, my college has been closed for the last 2 months. I am attending the online classes through google meet using the mobile data connection. But attending online classes through the mobile network is still a nightmare for me. The network stocks regularly and I am not able to attend my online classes properly. It affects not only my study but also my future. Then my friend John suggested buying the router. He recommended the Wavlink router for buying because of its affordable cost and fast internet speed. The Wavlink WN535E4 router is a dual band 4G Wi-Fi router. It delivers a speed of 1.2GBps with both 2.4GHz and 45GHz frequency bands. 

The compatibility with 802.11ac, 802.11a, 802.11g, 802.11n, and 802.11g WiFi communication standards make this device more valuable as compared to others. The login and setup process is simple and can be completed by visiting wifi.wavlink.com from the browser. Some features of this router are mentioned briefly.

Features Of Wavlink WN535E4 router

The Wavlink WN535E4 wireless router comes with many great features, but some of the main features and benefits of this router are as follows.

Fast Speed and Reliable Coverage

It provides the downloading and uploading speed of 150Mbps and 50MBps respectively. As it is a dual-band router, it is capable of providing a gigantic speed of 1200MBps. The six inbuilt antennas will boost the coverage at every room of the building by penetrating through the walls as well as spread the coverage over a broad area. It manages to deliver a stable and fast internet connection. You can enjoy HD video streaming and online gaming. 

Easy to Manage

The Internet connection can be accessed easily without connecting this device to the modem. The micro sim card slot allows you to just insert the sim card and enjoy the seamless data connection. The touchlink feature allows you to share the wireless internet connection with your friends and families easily. It almost takes 2 minutes to complete the setup operation. If you forgot your passcode, you can share the wireless network easily. 

Compatibility and Design

Its compatibility with maximum WiFi communication standards as well as ethernet ports on its back makes this device more reliable and valuable to purchase. It comes with a compact and portable design, which offers you to bring the device from one place to another very easily. Its white, as well as square box look, will enhance the appearance of the router.


The WPA2-PSK and WPA-PSK security encryption to the wireless network provides additional security against threats and illegal usage. Guest network support allows you to surf the network privately without letting other people know. Now we are gonna discuss the hardware installation of the Wavlink router.

Hardware Installation Of Wavlink WN535E4 

Unbox the shipment box carefully and read the info from the user guide. Place the device on the plane surface. Set your device at the center of the workplace or home to get the best coverage and speed. Take a device and open the buckle cover of the router. Now insert the mini sim card into the sim card slowly by sliding. Then, take a cable and connect your router WAN port and to the modem device. Now power On your router. You will see the LED light illuminating, which means the router is ready for the setup operation. You can complete the setup operation using the wired cable as well as wirelessly.

Real Or Scam?

Reviewing this device after 5 months of purchase. In the starting month of purchase, the device got some issues while connecting, then I changed the sim cats because my sim is not working. I knew this after a few days. I inserted the new one and it is working pretty well. The router provides very fast speed and it is very useful for studying, gaming, and video streaming. The signal coverage is very impressive as it spreads the coverage at every corner of the building. The touchlink function allows you to do the Wavlink WN535E4 setup and control the device at your fingertips. Overall, as a perfect device at this price and I suggest all the users who are willing to purchase this item should go for it.


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