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Locating a Renting Properties in Qatar

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Qatar has a population of 2,900,000. The vast majority (around 90%) of these people are ex-pats. This ratio makes it easy for most Qataris to rent properties in Qatar rather than buy them. This makes sense since most residents are homeowners in their country and plan to stay for only a few years in Qatar. The Qatari residential rental market is highly developed, offering a variety of properties to suit every budget and taste. Qatar’s market has everything. Small studios start at QAR 1,500 per month, and large villas start at QAR 20,000 or more. You can also lease for short or long terms.

The Best House Hunting Experience

Who established many real estate agencies in response to market demand. Their agents are dedicated to providing residents with the best house hunting experience possible.

It is easier than ever to find a home online due to the global situation. Real estate agents provided potential tenants with virtual tours of properties to make this process easier.

Saakin is a real estate platform that helps house hunters move offline to online. They act as a link between agents, tenants, and properties, making it simple to find the right property and contact an agency that manages it.

Rent in Qatar: Homes and Apartments

The Qatar, a country that combines tradition and innovation, is located on a peninsula that stretches into the Persian Gulf. Qatar quickly grew to be a regional hub for business, utilizing the income from its vast oil reserves to meet its global and regional ambitions. Qatar is a popular destination for professionals from around the globe, and it is well-known for the many opportunities it offers to its ex-pat workforce.

Qatar’s appeal extends beyond its business environment. Qatar offers residents and visitors a mixture of culture, sport, business, and family entertainment. You can choose to go on a dune-bashing adventure or relax on a beautiful sandy beach. Or visit one of many museums and galleries.

It’s easy to see how Qatar has been chosen as a second home by so many families.

Qatar Lifestyle and Facilities

Qatar is a great place to live for ex-pats. It offers quality education in many renowned international schools and affordable, state-of-the-art medical facilities. This is something that many ex-pats don’t find in their own countries.

Qatar has many properties available for rent to suit all budgets and tastes. You can choose from villas, both standalone and in complexes, apartments, townhouses, and many other properties located in Doha or nearby Lusail. Qatar’s other cities like Al Wakra or Al Khor have a wider range of rentals available.

There are many commercial properties available for rent in the local market that can adapt to different types of businesses. It doesn’t matter if they are looking for an office in a luxury skyscraper or a shop or warehouse; property hunters will always find it.

Properties available for rent in Doha

Doha’s appeal extends beyond its business environment. Doha, Qatar’s largest city, offers its residents a fascinating mix of business, entertainment, and ulture. Everyone can find something to do in Doha.

It’s easy to see how Doha is a popular destination for foreigners looking to relocate to the Middle East.

Both ex-pat and local families can enjoy Doha. You can find quality education in Doha’s many international schools. There are also state-of-the-art medical facilities at a minimal cost.

The Doha real estate market has grown tremendously in the last few years. There are many properties available for rent that suit all budgets and tastes. Both buyers and renters can choose villas, both in standalone and in combination, apartments, townhouses, and many other options, all conveniently located in Doha’s most popular areas.

Rental in Qatar

Qatar has opened up parts of its real estate market to foreigners, but most ex-pats prefer to rent. Three-quarters of the population, most of which are ex-pats, rent apartments or villas. About 60% of the country’s properties are available for residential rent.

It is expensive to rent a house in Qatar, and Colliers International reports that the average ex-pat household spends over a third of their income on rent. Rents are offset by the lower cost of utilities like water, electricity, gas. You might want to avoid buying a villa if money is an issue and instead opt for an apartment.

The Renting Process

Qatar’s renting process is quick and efficient, but it is important to have all the necessary paperwork. Many rental agreements are annually based and contain strict rules about what is permissible and what is not. You should carefully read the contract and pay attention to all details.

Many (or all) clauses may seem very restrictive and biased in favor of the landlord. It is best to clarify any doubts and outline your requirements upfront. Are the premises pet-friendly? Are your friends able to stay at the property? This will prevent any confusion later.

You will need to provide post-dated checks for your entire rental agreement before you can move into most rented accommodation. This is how the market works, and they aren’t trying to pick you out. Keep in mind that this is an Islamic country, so you need to follow certain guidelines. You must be married to rent a property in Qatar as a couple. While you might do it, it is best not to take the chance.

Buying vs. Renting in Qatar

Most expatriate families consider renting the best option due to a lack of financial capital, flexibility, and uncertainty about their stay in the country.

But, buying is an option for households that plan to stay for at least five years and have a minimum monthly income over QAR 15,000 and those who can afford to make a downpayment of at least 30% of its capital value.

It is possible that your Gulf assignment or posting will be temporary, and you are unlikely to make it permanent. Even if you’re thinking long-term, it will take you at least two years to become familiar with a new country/market. So, rent in Qatar right after you land.

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