The Ultimate Tricks for Naming Your Business: The Best Possible Ways

Are you looking to start a business? One thing is for sure, you are having difficulties choosing the name for your business. Don’t be worried; you have to be choosy when naming your business. You know it’s nothing that you can change every now and then.

You even would not like to change it at all as it can hurt the branding process for your business and products. To be on the top of your game, get the best tricks, no the ultimate tricks that can help you. You can read this article and get the insights to name your business the best way. There are all the tricks that can benefit this process.

1: The Tricks You Must know For Naming Your Business:

There are so many different tricks that can help you in this regard. To be sure you apply the simplest and the most effective ones, you can read the whole article. At the end of the read, you will have all that you need to name your business the ultimate way. This will be a complete guide that can take care of the type of business you are doing. You’ll read all the different types of examples of different industries and fields. So, start reading and feast your eyes and minds.

1: Why Being Descriptive is Essential:

Being descriptive is something you should never, and I say never go without. It’s a point that can ruin the name itself, the branding, and sometimes the image you want to portray. To be in the best swing and the ultimate name, get a descriptive one with a dash of beauty. These are the most important things you should be super vigilant about. Choosing a generic one with something that has nothing artistic, like:

  • Lahore Garment store
  • Pakistan Sports
  • A1 Dry Cleaner

Is NOT RECOMMENDED! You should always avoid the generic ones and use the ones like:

  • The Dry Cleaner’s Bucket
  • Sports that Rock

For garment stores, you can go with the trend in the market. And especially for the bigger brands, names with uniqueness with a very enriched Urdu name will do the best. See names like:

  • Khadi (describing their garment process. A word taken from the Urdu word “Khaddi” that you must know is a type of garment manufacturing machine. As they use these machines to make the garments they use, they named their brand on them. Descriptive, simple, and beautiful, isn’t it?)
  • Kamash (Describing the fashion word in Urdu with a beauty of word itself)
  • Kayseria (A colour that denotes the beauty of shades they have)

2: Avoid Copying:

Copying is something cats do! And sometimes people too, but it does not help you the way you need it to be aesthetic. Avoiding copying worked at a restaurant’s level, but people are getting smart enough to spot that too. People know who is who and what is what.

They know the qualities you give and social media has taken thar to the next level. You cannot get rich or popular copying some other restaurant’s name anymore. It’s all over social media as most of the big and famous restaurants are there at groups like ESR and Foodies. So, don’t become a laughing stock by copying some part of the whole name of your competitor.

3: Keep it Scalable:

Taking your business to the world should always be an option. And every business person wants growth. But what about your name? You cannot keep a name that goes nowhere on the scalability scale. That’s why you should always go for a scalable name that does not include an area’s name. Or it is too static to be scalable.

4: Why You Should Avoid Acronyms:

Acronyms work, BUT for established brands and using them for a startup is nothing more than causing confusion. Acronyms can reduce your visibility of the internet and as you know, the internet is in the game big time, especially after COVID-19. So, don’t even think about keeping your startups name like WMP or PPV.

5: Research In the Field and Industry:

How important is research in naming your business? It is a thing and a step that can let you stand out and do the trick. One of the best techniques to name your business is to do extensive research. This point does not contradict the copying part. The thing is that you do not have to be a person with too much copying. And too much of being causal should not be on your list as well.

Make sure that you understand the best practices in your field and the names that are according to the above-mentioned tricks. Research can put you a step ahead with a better understanding of the aesthetics that work in the field. There can be some commonalities and some differences in different fields for sure. So, be as creative as you can. If you have a plastic mold manufacturing company, a name like Plastix can be quite, quite impressive. It’s a creative name with a hint of what they do, making it descriptive and creative at the same time.

6: The Last Resort (If nothing Works):

Being a fan of learning as much as you can, should make you different. But, some things are simply not made for you. And if being creative in wholesale plastic is something that you cannot do at all, go for experts. There are so many companies in Pakistan that can help you with this. These are called the AD Agencies. They have experts, basically, creative writers, who can help you in this matter.


All you have to do in naming your business is to be the best at your creativeness. Go for something that can help your business with the ultimate creativity you can put in. Moreover, using all the applicable tricks above can get you there. Yes, right where you want to be in the selection of the precious name of your business. A name that is unique, creative, descriptive, and scalable on the next level!

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