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Tips To Access The Internet After Installing Speedefy

AC1200 Router

The Speedefy AC1200 router is a dual wireless router with four high-gained external antennas which spread the network coverage over a large area. The inbuilt MU-MIMO allows you to stream video and gaming without any buffering. It delivers a speed of 1200Mbps with both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. It has three LAN ports, a WAN port, a reset button, and a power button on the rear side. A four ethernet port on its back offers to connect the external device and share the data securely. The super fast CPU processor provides a more stable and smooth network connection. A separate guest network with parental control can be made easier, allowing users to create a private network without knowing the other person. You can easily manage the website by blocking or allowing it from the web management page.

The Speedefy AC1200 login process is simple and can be done by visiting the official website. The app control feature will make it easy to set up and manage the router using a mobile device. Regular firmware updates will protect your router from illegal activities such as cyber attacks, malware, etc.

Installation Of Speedefy AC1200 Router

Open the shipment box and safely take out the router, ethernet cables, adapter, and user manual. Read all the instructions mentioned in the user manual before proceeding to the setup wizard. Ensure that the modem is in off condition. Use the ethernet cable to connect the modem and the router. The cable you connected to the router should be a WAN port available at the back of the router. Plug the adapter available in the shipment box to the AC socket. Now press the ON button of the modem and you can now proceed to the setup option.

Tips To Register in Speedy WiFi App To Manage The Speedefy AC1200 Router?

Get the Speedy WiFi app from any store. You can also download the apk file by visiting its official website. Open and click on create a new account option. Fill in the email address and security key to create a fresh Speededfy ID. The app will ask for a verification code when you tap on create account option. Check the inbox of the Gmail or other email address inox which you had entered while registering a Speedefy account. Just click on the link to activate your Speedefy account. Now you were able to manage all the settings related to the Speedefy router just by using and Speedy WiFi app.

Why You Are Not Able To Access The Internet Even After Installing The Speedefy AC1200 Router? Here is the Solution

Ensure that you are able to access the internet connection and ethernet cable is properly connect to the router. Contact your internet service provider if you are facing an internet issue. You can check the LED indicator status to know whether the modem is properly connected to the WAN port or not.

In case, you connect the modem with the system device, then ensure that the system device connect to your LAN port available on its back. Your system device must be set to obtain both the IP address and DNS server automatically. If you are connecting to your modem with a system device, then check whether your system is connected to the exact WiFi network you want to connect to. Restart your router and then connect to the WiFi network again. Reset the router if none of the above procedures works. You can reset the router by interesting the paper clip-type object in the reset hole for 5 to 7 seconds. Contact customer care by calling or registering a ticket by visiting the official website.

Reviews On Speedefy AC1200 Router

It was a great product in this affordable price range. Using the router for the last 3 months, still working pretty well. You can create a separate guest network with parental control which allows you to create a private network without knowing the other person. Easily manage the website by blocking or allowing it from the web management page. It can place easily even in a small place because it captures a very tiny space. CPU processor is also fast, you can share files easily using the ethernet cable. Regular updates will protect your wireless internet connection as malware adapted easily to a wireless connection. Setup can be done easily by using the app or web interface. Overall, a great product, and I recommend buying this product.

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