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What Are the Good Feature of an Ideal House? 

Must have feature do vary from one home seeker to the other. But these few are the most common ones. Though the common areas of a house are similar the way and design of presenting these make the difference. A typical house does contain a drawing room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, and toilet. But for condos, are another type that tries to inbuilt every amenity in the unit itself. Residents will no longer have to find gyms, pools, and gardens outside.

  1. Taller ceiling

A higher ceiling height can provide you with the sense of freedom and luxury that a smaller one lacks. You get natural light because of more windows when you have high ceilings. The atmosphere becomes more beautiful because of the feature natural shine of The sun.

Did you know, the warm air goes up and cool remains down? Do, with a higher ceiling, your interiors can remain naturally cool in summers. With proper ventilation and ceiling fans of your condo, you will save on your electricity bills in the summers. It often gives our houses a larger view. So, whenever you wish to resale the condo and the home buyer will come to check out the area, he will be more impressed with the larger ceiling area.

  1. Green features

It helps to improve the air quality index around your building. The first air keeps the potential to absorb all negative vibes and provide you with positive ones. It has been proved that a person lives longer, rehabilitates faster, and stays healthy in the presence of greenery. It adds an aesthetic appeal to your condo and acts as a decorative element.

The Avenir sits beautifully between the heavy green cover of plants. It is located in District 9, 8-32 River Valley River close to the junction of River Valley Road and Killiney Road. Book an appointment and have a look at its natural green enclosing. You can leave your children anywhere within the condo and while keeping yourself busy with your work. They will get the best natural, hygienic environment. Moreover, the security factors will surely provide relief to your mind. Check out upcoming The Avenir at https://finestservices.com.sg/the-avenir/

  1. Security

Security feature is the most prominent areas to be taken care of. We keep our families back in our houses and work out for long hours. Isn’t it important to give their responsibilities to some experts? The proper surveillance system and security checks of a condo win the heart of its residents. Maybe you will not be getting these features in any other type of residence but in a condo, there are multiple units, and each one is guarded by your security in charge.

Like the upcoming The Avenir, The Commodore condo Singapore is built by the latest safety regulations and building codes. You no need to worry about unexpected out-of-pocket expenditures after your move-in. You can spend time with your new condo and community without worrying much about safety and maintenance. As the developers have taken care of all the daily maintenance needs of your condo and assigned the work accordingly.

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